Guide to Winning the Best Paying New York OB-GYN Jobs

Updated on January 29, 2023
Female physician screening a pregnant woman.

Everyone needs a bit of capital. The field of obstetrics and gynecology can be very rewarding in terms of money, although those who are looking to get into it should be well aware of its high requirements.

You should only consider the possibility of making a career for yourself in OB-GYN if you’re currently going through medical school. Or, at the very least, if you have the necessary resources and willpower to embark on that long, hard road.

Despite schoolyard jokes about the various benefits of working in gynecology, the truth is that the field is far more difficult than many would expect. An OB-GYN physician does not only have to take proper care of the female reproductive system and to facilitate childbirth.

Their responsibilities range from assisting women throughout the whole labor process to screening them for cancer. No small set of skills, with most gynecologists also being trained obstetricians.

Nonetheless, medical school students who are trodding down the path to becoming specialist obstetrics and gynecology physicians have a bright future ahead of them. It’s no secret that specialist physicians tend to have a high salary, although achieving it requires more than just a hard-earned education.

There’s a couple of ways to ensure your chances of landing a high-paying position are high, especially since there are many openings for New York OB-GYN jobs. Here’s a quick primer on how to get ahead in the industry without turning your hair gray in the process.

What Does an OB-GYN Do?

OB-GYN is short for obstetrician-gynecologist and refers to a specialist physician whose field of focus is women’s health. This covers anything from menstruation to menopause to pregnancy. If the female body has a problem, then it is up to an OB-GYN to take care of it.

OB-GYN physicians are highly valued throughout the world on account of their profession, as helping bring life into the world unsurprisingly leads to a lot of well-deserved respect and appreciation.

The many pros and cons of being an OB-GYN are well known. Medics claim the primary advantages are two-fold: the job is highly versatile and rarely grows dull while also being thoroughly rewarding.

OB-GYN physicians, however, also have to work long hours and are often overwhelmed by the stress that comes with the territory. Imagine having to explain to one of your patients that they have cancer! On the other hand, obstetric-gynecologists often feel accomplished when getting home after a long day of work.

Female gynecologist reassuring her patient.

Securing New York OB-GYN Jobs

There are many available positions for skilled OB-GYN physicians if you have what it takes to claim them. While getting your ambitions in order is good, it is far more productive to first establish a solid foundation on which you can easily expand.

We’ve put together a small list of things you have to keep in mind if you’re aiming for a high-paying OB-GYN job.

1. Exhibit Professionalism

Acquiring a position in the medical field requires a lot of talent. People think highly of physicians on account of their work, which cannot be plied by someone who has a lack of experience.  A physician must be very educated and beyond knowledgeable, as not knowing how to approach certain conditions and situations is unacceptable.

Being a physician requires adopting a mentality in which you push yourself to learn and improve on a constant basis. Not as a service to yourself, but as a service to those that have been put in your care – that is, the whole of humanity that falls within your field. Potential employers are well aware of this, so be sure to present yourself in a favorable, professional light.

2. Develop the Perfect CV

Your set of skills and achievements has to be carefully outlined and presented on your resume if you’re to have any chance of landing a high-paying New York OB-GYN job. Your employers must be able to perfectly understand how you can contribute before being able to even consider you for the position.

Cull your CV for any useless or irrelevant information. Trim the fat from the meat and leave only the lean. If you’re not the best at organizing your CV despite your high level of education, then hiring a writer might be a good idea. Regardless of your approach, your CV has to be very impressive if you’re to satisfy your ambitions.

3. Brand and Exposure

The way in which you present yourself is imperative to building a reputation as a trustworthy OB-GYN physician. Trying for a high-paying job means you already have some experience under your belt, and you’d be wise to let it work in your favor.

A good online presence and a portfolio to match can speak volumes about your skill as a physician. It is much easier to gain authority in the field when you are active on the internet. The only caveat is that your presence has to be completely and utterly professional, as people hold physicians to high standards.

Consider building a solid Linkedin profile so that everyone searching your name can be impressed by your level of qualification. Are your qualifications less noteworthy than you would like? Then you know the foremost aspect of your career that you need to improve on. Qualifications are the lifeblood of physicians across the globe.

Things to Remember

There’s a lot of areas of your career that have to be set in order if you’re to score one of the many high-paying New York OB-GYN jobs on the market. Focus on the key points we’ve presented and recognize their importance as necessary building blocks and you’re well on your way to success.

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