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Updated on April 5, 2022

All modern companies pay the greatest attention to the issue of assessing the reliability of their partners. This issue is especially important when concluding business transactions with new counterparties, but remains relevant for regular partners in order to maintain their own reputation.

The international tool Russian Assets allows protecting your business from reputational and financial risks, legal sanctions that may arise as a result of cooperation with Russian companies and individuals under sanctions.

The history of the international instrument Russian Assets creation

Since 2014, the Ukrainian company YouControl offers to use the capabilities of its analytical online system, which is able to quickly generate a full-fledged dossier on any Ukrainian counterparty using more than 180 official and open sources. The capabilities of the system make it possible to conduct in-depth business intelligence and analytics, which allows entrepreneurs to avoid risks, as well as journalists, students, and public figures to deal with topics that are significant to society.

The main objective of the company is to expand secure international cooperation and support in the formation of a transparent business environment. Due to user payments, the YouControl system has the ability to maintain current services and release new tools. What is more, students, social activists, lawyers, and journalists have an opportunity to get free access to the platform’s functions.

The development of the Russian Assets project was started by the YouControl team after the start of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. The project will be an effective tool that will allow for detailed and prompt verification of the links between persons under sanctions and politically significant figures. This will protect international companies from dangerous cooperation with companies with a “Russian trace”.

How useful is the Russian Assets service?

Russian Assets is an international tool that is designed to verify the links of individuals and legal entities with Russian assets. The Russian Assets system allows to perform a number of critical functions:

  • multi-level and in-depth analysis of links;
  • instant corporate and individual international verification;
  • a convenient and quick search for connections between political figures and persons who are under sanctions.

With the help of, you can quickly check companies that have extensive sales networks or Russian branches. An additional advantage will be the ability to verify candidates who have collaborated with Russian companies.

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