How can healthcare benefit from web3?

Updated on April 5, 2022

Can Web3 have a positive impact on healthcare? Stay to know how it can benefit healthcare in the future.

Gone are the days when healthcare workers used to pull out a dusty file lurking in the back of a dilapidated cabinet when they needed to check a patient’s record. Technology shifted the manual system, and computers replaced the worn cabinets. But as the world is evolving, our needs are growing with it. 

Today we want another solution to the problems that come with IT healthcare. With web3 and NFTs being the talk of the town these days, that day is just around the corner when they both will be integrated with healthcare. 

Healthcare workers nowadays are taking an interest in building decentralized systems, such as web3. In addition, projects like healthcare NFTs heroes are also helping speed up the process of onboarding the healthcare industry to web 3. 

For those who don’t know what web3 is or those who know about it, the question arises how can it benefit the healthcare system?

What is web3?

Web3 is a decentralized online ecosystem built on a blockchain that is meant to break the monopoly of centralized platforms. Users own the apps and platforms built on web3 and can earn their ownership through maintaining and developing them.

How can web3 benefit the healthcare sector?

Building a web3 platform for healthcare is a step towards innovation in the medical field. It focuses on building health in communities, empowering individuals through token incentives, and securing data infrastructure. As web3 is a decentralized system, the potential of network building and information sharing between communities is unbound. 

Like all other industries, healthcare can also benefit from this infinite source. Some of the advantages that it can get are stated as follows:

Real-time data sharing

Developing a new drug and then holding clinical trials for it can take a minimum of 10-12 years and the cost of the tests is exorbitant. All because there are so many barriers that pharma companies face while gathering data and recruiting participants for trials. In the end, the cost is passed down to the users of these drugs. 

Blockchain technology like web3 can work to remove these barriers and reduce the costs of clinical trials. Each department can work simultaneously while the drug is in the development phase. From researchers and physicians to reviewers and marketers, everyone can benefit from real-time data sharing.

Organized information retrieval

Medical officers and librarians find it difficult to retrieve specific information with current web and search engine technologies. Furthermore, the data seen is more disorganized, duplicated, and there is an information overload on the web. 

In contrast, healthcare workers won’t have to search all the time, as Web3 uses semantic technology and is a finder’s treasure. It will merge all the information from patients’ health records to their genetic profiles and epidemiological datasets with three-dimensional, virtual tools. Medical researchers can benefit from this information to find treatments for new diseases. 

Doctors and patients will also benefit from the personalized healthcare system. Where doctors will be able to know more about patients’ needs and respond efficiently, it will reduce treatment costs for the patients.

So, if we wish to improve our healthcare sector, we definitely need NFTs and Web3 integration. Such as the healthcare heroes NFTs that have onboarded an estimated 135 million health workers and their supporters who can own NFTs. Furthermore, the NFT owners will get several benefits such as scholarships, medelita scrubs, and fleece. In addition, 20% of the proceeds of sale from NFTs will go towards supporting health-related charities.

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