How to Find Housing as a Travel Nurse


As a travel nurse, your accommodations is one of the most important factors to consider. You need to find a safe and comfortable place to stay whenever you’re on assignment. You can either locate a staffing agency or make your own travel arrangements. Below is how to find housing as a travel nurse if you want to attempt to handle it on your own.

Make your own housing arrangements

If you are a travel nurse who prefers to find your own housing you need to have an idea of the location and where you’d like to stay. You will have to find a house on your own, do the booking, and pay for all the housing expenses. When you choose to make your own housing arrangements, you have to thoroughly vet the place and before making a decision. The cost isn’t fixed and it varies depending on the location and contract.

You can book comfortable, welcoming accommodations on vacation rental websites like Surf City Rentals, Airbnb and HomeAway, especially if you want to avoid scammers. Surf City Rentals provide great housing options where you’ll be able to view tons of vacation rentals depending on your preferred city or state.

Other housing options

You can also join Facebook travel nurse housing groups. The good thing about these groups is that they allow you to connect with other nurses and travelers so as to get the best housing depending on your preferred city.

If you’re comfortable staying at a hotel, there are hotels like Extended Stay Hotels which have special rates and discounts. They provide services like breakfast, housekeeping, and include amenities like fitness centers and kitchens. Some even allow pets. Remember to list all your housing needs which include appliances and other considerations like access to amenities such as the gym, distance to work, neighborhood safety and security, and parking.

Contact a housing agency

If you are a travel nurse that prefers agency-provided housing or are a first-time traveler, you can ask your agency to find you housing. This can either be for a short-term lease or long lease depending on your assignment. Most agencies will pay your utilities, and even get you necessary household essentials like linens and dishes but at an extra cost.

Part of the process will entail an introduction to a housing department representative to help you narrow down your housing needs and the appropriate housing. The representative will help you search for openings so as to decide on a location that is a good fit for you. They will also assist with finalizing the paperwork and any payments, including payments for your accommodation and signing your tenancy agreement. 

You can always check with local and state health officials prior to taking a travel assignment and ask about the COVID protocols that have been put in place during your interview. This will help you understand more about the community as well as the hospital census.

Also, have the necessary resources to prevent exposure to potential risks as you serve others. These include the use of standard precautions, contact precautions, airborne precautions, and the use of eye protection when providing care for patients, especially those confirmed to have COVID-19.

Weigh out both the advantages and disadvantages of each before settling on the best fit so as not to get caught off guard with unexpected extra costs. If you are signing a lease, make it short-term to avoid any disappointments due to canceled assignments. 


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