Your Go-to Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

The legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana has led to a significant boost in its usage. This boost is only expected to grow as an increasing number of people become accustomed to the idea of consuming cannabis whenever they want. 

This boost has also led to an expansion in the wide variety of cannabis products available for consumers. You can easily find a legitimate online or brick-and-mortar dispensary that follows the blueprint of buybudnow and has the license to sell high-quality cannabis products. 

One of these products that have recently gained traction is cannabis concentrates. Just like the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are products that contain concentrated CBD and THC extracts. Since they are derived from the cannabis plant, they may also contain terpenes and other cannabinoids. 


The potency of cannabis concentrates can go up to 90 percent, which is primarily the reason why first-time users, including regular users of cannabis, find the experience quite strong. When consumed responsibly, thought, concentrates are used quite frequently by recreational and medical users.

There are various kinds of cannabis concentrates available for you to explore. These differ based on their extraction methods, the chemicals used in their extractions, and the part of the cannabis plant used. If you’re interested in cannabis concentrates and confused about where to start, you’re in the right place. Here’s what you need to know:


Perhaps the purest form of cannabis concentrate, shatter is made extracting THC using a solvent. The process, commonly known as butane extraction, is not safe for you to execute at home and should only be left to experts. To know where to start, you should explore products like twisted extracts to attain a high-end experience. 

With an average potency of 80 to 90 percent, shatter leads to an intense experience and has a consistency like hard candy. It is amber or gold in color and is actually translucent. It enters your bloodstream instantly and causes effects immediately.

Hash Oil

THC oil, which includes butane hash oil, CO2 oil, and propane hash oil, washes the buds using a solvent and heats the liquid until it evaporates and leaves behind the plant. The remaining oil can be used in multiple ways. Butane hash oil, for instance, is used to make other concentrates. This THC oil is used to make wax, shatter, different kinds of hash oil.


Perhaps the most popular cannabis concentrate, hashish, or hash, is consumed by people across the world. This concentrate for its name from the substances that are made as a result of separating trichomes from plant material, which then forms the resin into a combined mass. 

There are various kinds of hash, all made in different ways. These are:

  • Lebanese hash
  • Bubble hash
  • Charas hash
  • Afghani Royal
  • Moroccan Slate Hash

Hash is commonly consumed by eating and smoking. If you’re avoiding smoking, then edibles are your best bet. Hash brownies, in particular, are not only extremely popular but are easy to make, too. Hash is also commonly consumed in a pipe or a bong.


The purest form of cannabis concentrate, kief has a powdery consistency that accumulates at the bottom of the weed grinder. Moreover, when you’re rolling a joint, and you find your fingers have crystal coating stuck to them, then you’d be surprised to know that’s kief, too.

Fundamentally, trichomes are separated from plant material, which is what makes kief and why it’s so potent. In fact, hash is made of kief. Kief is quite easy to use, especially when compared to other concentrates. 

What might make your experience even more potent is to add oil on the outer layer of the joint and roll the entire thing in kief. This will increase the rate of burn and make the joint stronger. You can also sprinkle kief on a joint by making a mixture in a bowl.


Also referred to as weed wax, rosin has a solid form and is created by applying heat and pressure to buds. The most popular way to consume rosin is by either adding it inside or outside your joint. You can also mix this concentrate with dried flowers in a bong or a pipe and smoke it. Just keep in mind that rosin is quite potent as compared to weed so you should adjust the quantity accordingly.

Sugar wax

Another cannabis concentrate that uses butane extraction, the sugar wax name is self-explanatory, and its consistency is crumbly, shiny, and sticky. Strains that have terpenes, which are able to retain water, are better suited to sugar wax. Sometimes, if you’re trying to create shatter, the terpene content can turn it into wax. The process can be replicated at home since it involves butane.


While budder’s consistency lies between wax and shatter, it’s created using the same technique as wax – butane extraction. Budder is rich in terpenes and has relatively fewer cannabinoids. Moreover, it’s not as hard as shatter, and its consistency is more on the wax side, making it easier to use. 

To use this cannabis concentrate, you can add it to a pipe, bong, blunt, or joint. It all depends on what you prefer.


Crumble is extracted the same way other wax concentrates are extracted. The only difference is the temperature. Crumble can be handled easily, and all you need to do is scoop and put it in a bowl or bong. However, it’s important to remember that crumble can lose its moisture quickly, so you need to store it in a sealed container in a cool place. 


There are many cannabis concentrates you can explore. What you need to remember is that concentrates are quite potent and they typically contain more THC than usual buds. 

If you’re a first-time user, you should ensure you’re using concentrates responsibly by conducting considerable research on your end. It’s always better to start small and then move on to a product that’s more potent. There are plenty of options out there, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. 

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