How to Create Company Wellness Programs Your Employees Will Actually Use

Updated on December 17, 2021
How to Create Company Wellness Programs Your Employees Will Actually Use copy

Companies around the world recognize the importance of having a healthy workplace. Gone are the days where employees spent their entire career working for the same company. To create a stable workforce, employers must address the personal needs of their employees.

One way they do this is by putting into place company wellness programs.

When people hear this term, they immediately think of initiatives to engage employees in weight loss programs or even better a free weight loss program. Or programs designed to help the employer cut down on insurance costs. This is not always the case.

The best corporate wellness programs go further. They are about total wellness for a healthier work environment. Employers understand that if their employees are mentally and physically well it improves their overall work-life experience.

Are you looking to start a wellness program? Keep reading for wellness program ideas employees will use.

What are Company Wellness Programs?

These are programs designed to produce healthy outcomes for employees and employers. It is a partnership that extends outside the walls of the business. They create a better work environment while reducing healthcare costs. 

When a company places its attention on wellness, they should be looking into multiple areas. They can include:

  • Office Design
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Fitness Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Alternative Work Locations

As life becomes more demanding, it becomes a team effort to keep employees motivated and happy in their current position. If someone feels good about themselves they are more likely to perform at a higher level.

Consider these company wellness programs for your business.

Develop a Monthly Newsletter

Wellness communication is a key factor in a successful employee health program. Companies that provide consistent and ongoing communications see an improvement in participation. 

The communication can be provided in a monthly newsletter that is distributed in-house, via email or mailed to the employee. It is also a good idea to have an online message board employees can visit and share ideas or provide feedback.

The monthly newsletter includes healthy eating tips, exercise challenges, and inspirational messages. The employer can also invite employees to do guest blogs.

Offer Discounts to Local Fitness Centers

Some companies in newer facilities have onsite fitness centers. If this is something you cannot incorporate, consider offering a discount to local fitness centers.

It can be a set amount off of the monthly fee, paying the registration fee, or both. 

To encourage active participation offer incentives for proof they are using the service regularly. Work with the fitness center to create wellness activities, they can verify through a stamp card.

Make it fun and not stressful. Employees earn points that can be redeemed for company gear, gift cards, and more.

Start a Sports League

Not only is it enjoyable, but it is also mentally and physically healthy for employees to interact outside of work. Starting a bowling or softball league is a great way to bring employees together. Whether playing on a team or supporting their coworkers, team sports produce camaraderie between departments.

At the end of the season, the company can host an employee picnic to get everyone together to celebrate.

Create a Walking Program

Walking programs are popular among corporations with large campuses. Employees can create groups that walk before or after their scheduled shifts. Some walk during their lunch hour. 

The goal of this wellness idea for work is accountability. People are more likely to continue an activity if they work together as a group holding each other accountable for their individual success.

Engage Employees in Health Talks

If the budget allows, the best corporate wellness programs are the ones that have an education component. Consider having professional coaches come in and do health talks for your employees.

These are conversations employees can take part in during their lunch hour. Offer a free meal as an incentive to attend. Or make attendance a requirement by hosting the event during work hours.

Speakers can cover topics ranging from healthy eating, mental health activities, parenting, or caring for an aging parent. 

Do Exercise Demonstrations

Some people don’t exercise because they don’t know what exercises are best for them. Bringing in a fitness coach to lead exercise demonstrations is a good way to motivate employees to get moving.

The demonstrations can happen once a month, at special events, or at the company fitness center. One month it could be yoga the next Pilates, followed by Zoomba. Fitness equipment demonstrations are also a useful tool to get employees into your center.

Install Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy eating is as important as working out. Employee wellness program ideas should also focus on what employees are putting into their bodies. 

Most companies have vending machines on their premises. With a push towards healthy eating, vendors are providing healthy choices. It is a great opportunity to introduce healthy snack alternatives.

Not only can employers install vending machines with health-conscious foods they can also serve healthier meals in their lunchrooms. Placing salads, fruits, and more vegetables on the menu is a start. They can also include calorie counts next to items on the menu.

When companies get vending machines for their place of business they generally opt to get a combo machine — like these — that can vend both snacks and beverages.

Provide Remote Work Opportunities

Your employee health program can include incentives for employees to work from home. This is a wonderful work-life reward. 

Remote opportunities are becoming more popular as technology advances. It makes it easier for employees working from home to log in to their employer’s systems remotely. Even if someone can’t work from home full time the ability to earn remote days is an incentive to do well in the office.

Having a remote day can relieve a lot of pressure that comes with being in the office. There are fewer distractions and the employee can focus on completing tasks in a timely manner.

Wellness Programs Work

Company wellness programs have proven to be beneficial. Employees that are both mentally and physically healthy are more efficient. It’s also a way to show your team you care about their wellbeing.

Effectively marketing your wellness programs is the key to success. For more insight read our articles on healthcare marketing.

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