How to Become TikTok Famous?

Updated on October 9, 2023

TikTok is a booming app with more than 700 million users. The opportunities are endless for those people who captivate the popularity and create amazing content that gets them recognized. Are you curious to know how you can be one of the top creators on TikTok?

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TikTok followers are vital to having a successful account. The more followers you can get on an account, the better engagement you’ll get, meaning more likes and comments for you. This equals more attention and money!

If you’re looking for how to become TikTok famous, you’ve come to the right place. Use these 10 tips to become a top content creator on TikTok, making you famous on the app!

10 Ways to Grow Followers and Become Famous on TikTok

Here are the best ways to acquire more followers on TikTok and boost your popularity. Everyday tactics can only get you so far, which is why we help you take your fame even further with these tips!

Find your Niche 

First of all, TikTok is all about finding your small community. Each creator will find the best results when they post content their audience enjoys and interacts with. This can take some careful time and consideration to find what videos gain the best response.


You should focus on replicating your most liked videos in order to see the best results and most comments and likes from your followers. Then, more engagement will help more people decide to follow you. 

Post High-Quality Videos 

Next, quality content is important to gaining followers and becoming TikTok famous. In order to create viral content that helps new users from your page, you’ll have to post original content that your audience loves. 

Any low-quality videos will likely turn away your followers. So instead, only post top-quality videos that will attract new people to follow your page and like your videos. 

Identify Current Trends and Use Them 

Our next best tip for you is to seek our current trends and use them to your advantage. Tons of creators used the lip-syncing trend to their advantage in order to appeal to a new audience who would like their videos. Sure enough, it worked!

Be sure to find the trends that will engage your audience, specifically. Knowing what your audience likes is important to understanding what videos will do well. 

Make a Consistent Posting Schedule 

Next, you’ll want to post consistently so your followers can get used to when your new videos will be available. If you post videos consistently, you’ll gain more followers who like to be active on the app. Inconsistent posting tends to turn away followers; most people like to know when they can check for new content.

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So, if they’re used to you posting twice a week, and you stray from that, it might make them more likely to unfollow you. Stick to a posting schedule so your followers can learn to trust you and become more engaged in your content.

Collaborate with Other TikTokers 

Working with other TikTok content creators is another way to increase your follower count and appeal to more TikTok users. Being a TikTok influencer can be heavily related to who you have connections to, and collaborations are a part of this. 

One way you can use collaborations to your advantage is by appearing in other creators’ videos and allowing them to appear in yours. This allows someone else audience to become used to your face. If you post good videos, they might go over and check out your page, possibly following before they click off. 

Brand Collaboration 

Brand collaboration is also a strong way to get more TikTok followers. Working with brands allows you to grow in popularity on and off of the app. This will have more people going to check out your account. 

Brand collaboration could mean working as an affiliate marketer or even signing deals with brands to showcase their products. The point is to get a more well-known name so that when people see you, they’ll recognize you. This is one of the main ways to become TikTok famous.

Comment on Popular Videos 

Commenting on popular videos will also increase your following as more people can find your account. Popular or viral videos might get millions of views. So, if other users see you in the comments, they might be more prone to go check out what you post. 

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Commenting on popular videos can also help you create relationships with other content creators who could be beneficial to your growth. You should always be looking for ways to increase your connections and make friends with more people on the platform!

Share Videos on Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram should also be used to your advantage when you’re trying to become TikTok famous. Don’t be afraid to post your videos on more than one site or promote your page to other social media. 

Be sure to share your photos on Instagram, where there is an entirely new audience who can go check out your TikTok account.

Use Popular Hashtags 

Next, you’ll want to use popular hashtags so that the algorithm can direct people to you who might like your content. The algorithm searches through videos and recommends them to people who are likely to enjoy them. So, by using hashtags that represent your videos, you might be able to get an even bigger audience watching your content.

Another way you can use hashtags to your advantage is by using trending hashtags. Trending hashtags follow viral content and attract audiences who might be looking for specific videos. By linking trending hashtags to the captions of your videos, some people might be able to find you even if they’ve never heard of your account. 

Purchase Followers 

Last but not least, buy TikTok followers to see the best and fastest growth on your page with only minimal effort required from you. Buying followers get your account more attention and will show you how your hard efforts are paying off. 

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Sites like Media Mister offer you the best bang for your buck and will give you tons of followers in affordable packages. Will hundreds of satisfied customers, Media Mister, has already delivered millions of followers on TikTok to plenty of other creators. 

Check out what previous customers themselves have to say about the brilliant service! Nothing speaks about great service more than satisfied buyers. Media Mister also sells TikTok likes, views, and comments to increase your popularity even more, when you purchase more than one package. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! These are the ten best tips to grow your followers and become TikTok famous in only a short period of time. These steps are sure to help you grab attention from other users on the app and will help you seriously grow in popularity. 

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