How To Age Gracefully: Four Ways To Do It

Updated on May 27, 2022

One common concern many people share is their fear about getting older. It makes sense that we might feel that way considering that any new experience is daunting and there’s a lot we don’t realize about the aging process before we reach significant milestones ourselves. However, the process of aging is a beautiful thing; it shows you’ve lived a long life and have had experiences, memories, and growth. There’s no reason to shy away from getting older but you can impact the way you age and how your body and appearance fare along the way.

In order to feel more confident and more like yourself as your body changes with time, you should aim for healthy aging so that you carry your years with finesse. Whether you’re currently feeling young or old, you can start incorporating a few essential steps into your routine to help you age gracefully. After all, age is just a number; what really matters is the way you enter each new year of your life. Keep reading to find out how you can go about aging gracefully.

Stay Hydrated

It’s no secret that everyone needs to drink lots of water each day for health reasons, but staying hydrated can also help you age well. Water flushes toxins from the body, gives you energy for your movements, helps to protect you against muscle damage, and even works to improve the elasticity of your skin. There’s no reason not to stay hydrated with water throughout the day, and you’ll experience great results when you do. Try swapping your sugary or alcoholic drinks for water if you have trouble consuming enough each day, or infuse fruit into your water for a tasty flavor.

Care for Your Skin

Aging well refers to both your mindset and your appearance, because the way you feel on the inside impacts the way you carry yourself. When you feel healthy and confident, you gain a certain glow that is truly ageless. For feeling like the best version of yourself on the outside, your skin should be a prime emphasis. Your skin is one of the first things other people notice about you. 

The point of having nice skin as you age is certainly not to go wrinkle-free or always have perfectly tight, smooth skin. On the contrary, smile lines, wrinkles, folds, and marks tell a story about the life you’ve lived. Your goal should never be to prevent or undo them, but what’s important is taking proper care of your skin in the phase of life it’s in. It’s imperative that you protect your skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays. No matter how old you are, start incorporating daily sunscreen into your routine, on your face and body. This applies for sunny, rainy, cloudy, or any type of weather days.

Vitamin A also helps protect your skin against sun damage when applied topically, and because it helps to restore moisture to the skin and produce collagen, it’s also touted as an “anti-aging cream.” Since it helps keep skin firm and protected from the sun’s ultraviolet light, you should start adding it to your routine early on for well-aged skin. 

Another extremely simple beauty step that has similar effects of lifting and tightening the skin is plain and simple ice. Ice cold water helps smooth the skin by shrinking pores, reducing puffy skin, and improving the look of your skin’s surface (spots and wrinkles and all). You can book a cold therapy appointment on the regular at the spa, or you can get similar results at home through dipping your face into a bowl of ice water or just running ice cubes over your skin in the morning and at night.

Move Fluidly

A telltale sign of age is stiff, brittle muscles and bones that restrict your range of movement. Keep active everyday to keep your body limber and moving freely. Aside from trying to incorporate daily exercise into your routine (such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc.), also be sure to stretch and lengthen your body to keep it in top shape. One way to do so is to stretch in the morning or at night (or both) and engage in movement-oriented exercise like yoga or pilates. When you’re able to move fluidly and gracefully, it’s hard for anyone to pinpoint your age.

View Life as an Adventure

Life is a journey, and if you’re lucky, you get to experience aging, even its less pleasant side effects. To age gracefully, the most important step is to stay in the moment and appreciate life. If you can view each sign of aging as a reminder that you’re healthy and enjoying your experience, you will walk through each chapter of life with strength.

Aging can be a graceful process if you follow a few simple guidelines. By incorporating these steps into your life at any age, you can help to ensure that with each year older you get, you still feel like yourself. No matter what life brings, embrace the changes and remember that age is just a number—only you can determine how you feel.

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