4 Benefits of Algae Supplements

Updated on May 27, 2022

Did you know that algae can provide you with major health benefits? In fact, there is a reason that taking an Algae supplement a day has become such a great way to enhance your overall wellbeing.

This year especially people are putting more emphasis on their health and wellness than ever before. From enhancing your exercise routine to changing what you eat and drink on a regular basis, there are so many ways to take your wellness into your own hands.

Researchers are always looking for the next great natural remedy to provide us with a healthy life, and recently there has been so much on algae and how it can really help you mentally and physically. You will have likely heard about how algae is able to easily be inserted into your daily routine thanks to algae supplements. And we are here to tell you why your life is about to get so much better because of it.

Before we go into the benefits of algae, let us first explain what algae actually is.

Defining Algae

Did you know that algae are basically an organism that blooms when it is in calm and warm water? In fact, it is very similar to a plant and is often found in the ocean when a big swell has not come in for a while.

So think about it, algae will naturally take to the human body as well. Our body is largely compromised of water too, so it is only natural it will thrive within us as well. That is why algae thrive and can give us a big boost of wellness when mixed into things like spirulina and chlorella.

But what people often do not realize is that there are two different types of algae. The first type is known as blue-green algae. This algae is pretty much used in a blue powder that you may be familiar with if you are a smoothie lover – spirulina! The reason that blue algae are so great is that it has a ton of different vitamins and minerals within, including the likes of proteins and vitamin E, A, and K. So of course it is a perfect addition to a healthy smoothie. Plus, the bright blue hues make it extra pretty and delicious.

The other type of algae is known as red algae. This type of algae is most commonly taken from seaweed that you find in the ocean. It has a ton of protein within and a ton of different health benefits as well. This includes things like helping people decrease their blood pressure and even reduce inflammation.

But we’re about to get into the wonderful world of algae supplement benefits now!

Benefits of Algae

There is so much to gain from a wellness perspective when it comes to the benefits of algae supplements. Here are the top ones that we think you will love.

Get More Protein

As we have alluded to above, you are going to get so much protein by taking an algae supplement. Actually, you will find that an algae supplement will help you feel more energized and able to do all the various activities that you enjoy. Plus, having more protein will fill you up, meaning that you can also lose weight easier as you do not have the temptations of eating snacks or extra carbs.

Get More Minerals

If you are on a special diet, such as following a vegetarian or vegan diet, then one of the downsides is you will not be able to get some of the essential minerals you need from simply eating food. This is where the algae supplement really comes into play. Since it is full of vitamin B12—which normally comes from eating meat—you will be able to still get your daily value of this essential mineral and more through the supplement.

Get Better Blood Pressure

Another important thing to consider when it comes to benefits is how the algae supplement can help various parts of your body. One thing that algae is really able to help you with is enhanced blood circulation. This is a very important part of ensuring we have great health and also do not have to deal with inflammation or the risk of a heart attack.

Get Protected Against the Big Stuff

Research is starting to also show that algae supplements can have a real impact on potentially even lowering the risk of getting cancer or a range of viruses. While there is still more work to be done around this, the enzymes within algae are showing to be really promising when it comes to keeping us protected against the big stuff.


You should certainly talk to your doctor or nutritionist about how taking algae supplements can benefit your overall health and wellness. Who knew this plant-like organism found out at sea could be so life-changing for us all!

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