How Much Does CBD Cost? A Detailed Price Guide

Updated on October 29, 2020

According to a recent survey, about one out of every seven Americans uses CBD products on a regular basis. Some people use them to treat anxiety, while others use them to take care of chronic pain.

If you’re not using CBD at the moment, consider giving it a try. You might be surprised to see all the benefits that can come along with taking it.

You may have a few questions you’ll want to ask prior to using CBD for the first time, though. One of them is no doubt going to be, “How much does CBD cost?” You’ll want to make sure CBD products aren’t going to break the bank.

The good news is that the cost of CBD isn’t typically that high. But the exact price that you’ll pay for CBD products is going to vary depending on a bunch of different factors.

When you find yourself asking the question, “How much is CBD?”, you should take the following factors into account. They’ll help dictate what your CBD prices will be.

What Kind of CBD Products Do You Want to Purchase?

One of the things that people don’t always realize when they go to buy CBD is that there are lots of different types of CBD products on the market today. The type that you choose to buy is ultimately going to play a big role in what it’s going to cost you to get your hands on them.

Some of the most popular types of CBD products at the moment are:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD creams
  • CBD softgels
  • CBD vape juices

You’re free to try whichever CBD products you think will suit your specific needs best. But it’s worth noting that the type of CBD products you choose are going to affect the CBD prices that you’ll pay.

You’re going to want to shop around to see which types of CBD products fit into your budget. You might be able to save some money by going with one type over another.

How Strong Do You Want Your CBD Products to Be?

All CBD products are not created equal. And we’re not just talking about the many different forms that they come in.

Most CBD products are also available in different strengths. If you want to get more CBD into your system when using your preferred products, you’re going to want to buy the ones that have higher potencies.

Initially, it’s usually best for those who are using CBD products for the first time to use the ones that have lower potencies. It’ll help them gauge how they’re going to react to using CBD.

But as you become more and more comfortable using CBD products, you can increase the strength of them. You’ll find that CBD products like Magical CBD Tinctures are available in both 1500mg and 3000mg.

You might just have to prepare to pay a little bit more than you would have to otherwise when purchasing CBD. The higher the strength of the CBD you’re buying, the more costly it’s often going to be.

How Much CBD Do You Want to Buy at One Time?

Do you want to buy a small bottle of CBD oil that’s going to last you a few weeks so that you can test it out? Or do you want to invest in a big bottle of CBD oil that’s going to last you through the remainder of the year?

You’re more than welcome to buy as much CBD as you want to when you’re placing an order for it. But of course, you’re going to be asked to pay more for a big bottle of CBD than a little one.

That being said, most of the companies that produce CBD will provide you with a discount on it when you buy it in larger quantities. You’ll find that one big bottle of CBD might cost significantly less than three small bottles of it that equal out to be the same amount.

With this in mind, you should think about stocking up on CBD as long as you know that you’re going to be able to use all of it. It’ll ensure that you always have CBD handy, and it’ll also cut your CBD costs over time.

At the very least, you should investigate what the CBD prices will be when you buy it in bulk as opposed to purchasing smaller quantities of it.

Which Company Do You Want to Trust to Sell You CBD?

As recently as just a few years ago, the CBD industry wasn’t worth very much. There weren’t that many people using CBD products, and as a result, CBD sales were on the lower side.

These days, though, the CBD industry is booming and growing by leaps and bounds every single day. It’s expected to be worth well over $20 billion within the next 5 years, and it could be worth a whole lot more than that five years after that.

Because of this, there is no shortage of CBD companies out there in the world right now. It almost feels like there’s a new one popping up out of nowhere every week.

When you’re buying CBD products, you should make sure that you buy them from a reputable company. You should also compare the CBD prices offered by the biggest names in the business so that you know you’re getting the best deals possible on CBD.

Since there are so many CBD companies operating at the moment, they’re all working hard to try and drum up interest in their businesses. This is great news for you because it means they’re willing to try and entice you with competitive pricing models.

Do your homework and attempt to find the CBD company that sells the products you want at prices you can afford. You should be able to track one down in no time at all.

Are You Planning to Use Promo Codes When Buying CBD?

One of the ways in which many CBD companies are trying to attract new customers to their CBD products is by supplying them with a steady stream of promo codes. You shouldn’t ever place an order for CBD products without first seeing if you can get your hands on promo codes for them.

When you first decide that you’re going to start using CBD, you should Google “CBD promo codes” and see all the different codes that pop up. You’ll be blown away by just how many promo codes there are available.

Then, you should begin putting these promo codes to good use. Find a CBD company that you trust and punch their specific promo codes in when placing orders from them. It’ll save you money every time you order products from them and help you avoid paying full price.

You may even want to sign up to receive emails from a bunch of CBD companies. These companies will send you promo codes for their products constantly and help you secure the best deals on CBD products whenever you need to buy them.

How Soon Do You Need Your CBD Products to Arrive at Your Home?

There are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores scattered throughout the country that sell CBD products. You can take a trip down to one of them whenever you need to buy CBD.

But more often than not, people choose to order CBD online. It’s so much easier to do this than it is to run down to a store every time you need CBD.

But the one downside to ordering CBD online is that you’re going to have to pay for shipping and handling in most cases. This can increase the total when you ask, “How much does CBD cost?”

To get your CBD shipping costs as low as you can get them, you should steer clear of waiting until the last minute to order CBD. Any time you need to have CBD rushed to you, it’s going to make the CBD prices that you’ll have to pay go way up.

Plan ahead and make sure that you order CBD before you actually need it. It’ll allow you to choose the slowest shipping option every time, which will lower the CBD prices for you.

Answer the Question “How Much Does CBD Cost?” by Considering Each of These Factors

As you can probably guess by now, there is no surefire answer to the question, “How much does CBD cost?” It would be impossible for us to sit here and say, “You’re going to pay X dollars every time you order CBD.”

But you should be able to get some idea of what your CBD cost will be by considering all of the factors that we just talked about. When you know what kind of CBD products you want, what strength you want them to be, and where you’re going to order them from, it’ll make it easier to calculate the cost of them.

For more information on CBD and the benefits of taking it, check out the other CBD articles found on our blog.

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