How Dr. Carlos A. Barba Helps His Patients Keep Weight Off After Surgery

Updated on March 17, 2021

There are many types of weight loss surgery available today. Depending on which type of surgery is necessary, post-operation can have different results. Dr. Carolos A. Barba MD PLLC is a physician specializing in bariatric surgery. Through his practice, a variety of options may work for long-term weight loss.

What Does Weight Loss Surgery Look Like?

Weight loss surgery can look different depending on the type of surgery required. Bariatric surgery, which is known to help patients lose a significant amount of weight, can be performed differently.

Many people imagine “weight loss surgery” as only one procedure. While patients may choose to use just one method, there are several to choose from. When significant weight loss occurs from surgery, it may not be the way many people picture it.

Weight loss surgery can include:

  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass

Weight loss surgery is not for those who want to lose ten or fifteen pounds. Bariatric surgery is designed for significant weight loss and should not be used by anyone with a body mass index under forty. 

The surgery itself is not as easy as just walking into a hospital, receiving anesthesia, and waking up with a significantly lower body mass. Before surgery, a trained medical professional such as Dr. Barba will discuss each individual pros and cons. Before signing off on any type of surgery, an exam and medical history are necessary.

The Reduction of Food

Many people have a vague idea of how a gastric sleeve works. They assume the stomach is restricted, and therefore, the patient eats less. While this is somewhat true, it’s not the entire picture. 

A gastric sleeve does not create hunger. Although the stomach is restricted, it does not mean the patient is forced to eat less and become hungry. By removing part of the stomach, a small section is stapled together to reduce the amount of food that can fit. This has the effect of making the patient less hungry. By creating a full sensation, individuals who have received a gastric sleeve can eat smaller portions without feeling deprived.

Dr. Barba is familiar with the gastric sleeve procedure as a practical way to maintain weight loss. By working with patients to reduce weight, they can improve health conditions such as:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Diabetes 2
  • Joint pain
  • Sleep apnea

How To Prepare

By adequately preparing for the gastric sleeve surgery, the recovery period can be made significantly easier. Dr. Carlos A. Barba works with patients to create a diet beforehand so the liver can shrink. 

Stick to New Preop Diet

Individuals who are overweight often have an accumulation of fat cells around the liver. Since the liver is positioned next to the stomach, a gastric sleeve procedure can be complicated if it cannot shrink to size. This diet will likely restrict carbohydrates in addition to calories. 

Transition to Liquid Diet

Approximately two weeks before surgery, protein and vegetables are an essential source of fuel. As the surgery date approaches, a liquid diet is often implemented. This can include protein shakes, decaffeinated coffee, and jello.

By sticking to a strict diet, the surgery can be easily performed. Dr. Carlos A. Barba is a certified surgeon in this field and can guide patients through the procedure. General anesthesia is administered and may take several hours after the surgery to wear off.

What About After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery can significantly reduce the size of the stomach. Although this is usually the goal of weight loss surgery, weight loss does not end there. After surgery, a patient will continue to work on lifestyle choices to maintain weight. 

It is important during the postoperative phase that patients can properly recover. Dr. Carlos A. Barba helps patients to understand what the procedure requires before, during, and after. By following health guidelines, one can recover safely and quickly.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial after surgery. By drinking water regularly throughout the day, the body can recover. The natural eating pattern may feel different because hunger sensations may not be as intense. Drinking water can also help regulate eating meals.


After four to six weeks post op, the patient can resume vigorous activities such as sports or physical. Many physicians recommend a particular diet and several follow-ups to see how the process is going. Pain medication may be necessary soon after surgery but can be tapered off relatively quickly. 

Long-term Weight Loss

For long-term weight loss, lifestyle changes must be long-lasting. Since diet has played a critical role before and after the surgery, this can be easier to maintain once the stomach is smaller. In addition to creating healthy eating patterns, exercise is also essential.

Stick to Your Post Op Plan

Medical check-ups are essential to the recovery period. During this time, many patients notice significant weight loss and have an increase in energy. Depending on the recovery stage, this might be when an exercise routine might become a lasting habit. 

Weight loss looks different for everyone regardless of surgery. Depending on the body shape and sex of the individual, certain weight may shift to other areas of the body, or skin may sag. The appearance of a body after significant weight loss can feel especially surprising for many. After building up a healthy routine and checking in with a physician, weight loss can be managed regularly. 

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