How Do Testosterone Levels Affect Sleep?

Updated on September 27, 2022

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, then there’s a huge chance that you’re dealing with low levels of testosterone. While these two things may not seem to be unrelated, there’s a lot of scientific proof that one affects the other. Furthermore, dealing with the other can help alleviate problems with the other. In this article, we’ll share with you how you can increase your testosterone levels and improve your sleeping habits.

About testosterone levels

Testosterone hormones are found both in men and women. Men generate testosterone through their testicles, and women produce these hormones through their ovaries. While men produce a considerable amount of testosterone levels, women only produce a small fraction. It is through testosterone levels that people (especially men) have more facial hairs, deeper voice, broader shoulders, squared face, and increased muscle mass. So, if these characteristics are evident among women, it simply means that their body generates more testosterone levels than it normally should for their gender. Testosterone hormones are produced by the body consistently as a personage. It is only until the age of 30 that the production starts to slow down.

It is also associated with the sex drive of men and is a key component in the area of sperm production. One of the common things that happen for men who are having a hard time conceiving from their female partners is due to the low sperm count.

A good level of testosterone helps build muscle mass however low-level lead to stored fat, and slower red blood cell production. This leads to a build-up of fat in the body, and weight gain or obesity. This has been found by researchers and experts after experimenting on people by injecting amounts of testosterone levels or placebo. One group went to the gym without the injection while the other group had injections. Both groups had the same sleeping habits, diet, and time for the gym. It was found that those injected with testosterone levels had successfully gained muscle mass while the others did not.

Lastly, low testosterone levels greatly affect sleep. Testosterone is generated by the body when it is at rest and during sleeping hours. Studies and research show that those who have insomnia have lesser levels of testosterone in their bodies compared to those who have a good amount of sleep. Furthermore, as the body has lesser sleep, it is also more likely to get fatigued pretty easily – and this is also due to the low testosterone levels. Therefore, improving sleeping habits will greatly improve testosterone levels. Not only will getting enough sleep get you better T levels but will also make you feel rejuvenated, less anxious, moody, and you will feel more energized.

How to get better sleep to improve testosterone levels?

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Here are a few things to consider when getting enough sleep to boost testosterone levels – as suggested by TOI, Times Of Israel Newspaper.

Enough time of sleep

The first thing to consider is the right amount of time to get the right amount of sleep. The ideal amount of sleep as suggested by experts depends on the age of the person. For children and young adults, having a sleeping time of 7 to 9 hours would prove to be effective in producing a consistent amount testosterone level. For adults, the ideal time would be 7 hours at night, and a few minutes during the afternoon from naps.

To improve the consistency of these sleeping hours, set a particular time when to sleep and commit to it religiously. Set the alarm for when to start sleeping and when to wake up. This would greatly improve overall health and also testosterone levels.

Right temperature

Research shows that temperature also affects the sleep of a person. Ever wonder why your sleep is always interrupted when the air conditioner shuts off? This is for the reason that warm temperatures tend to make the body active while cold temperatures make the body inactive. Experts suggest that sleeping temperatures should be around 60 to 67 degrees for a good and uninterrupted sleep.

Lights off

Being exposed to light during the night sets the body’s circadian rhythm off balance. The Circadian rhythm is behavioral changes that react to a daily cycle. It is a natural process that occurs not only in humans but also in animals and plants. Whenever the light is switched on during the night, the Circadian rhythm is set off balance since it is made to assume that the sun has already set during the night. This results in having the brain function actively, therefore, making the body less sleepy. Although some may be able to sleep with lights on, they’re not getting enough quality of sleep since there is not enough REM or rapid eye movement which is usually a product of deep sleep for better rest.

Dinner before sleep

While eating dinner before sleep is not entirely dangerous, eating a heavy dinner can affect your sleeping patterns. This is especially true when eating dinners that involved red meat, protein, and carbs which are hard to digest for the body. These types of food take about 3 to 8 hours for the body to digest – and between these hours, the body will remain active. So, if you’re looking to have a good sleep, eat light dinners such as fruits and vegetables and eat only in small amounts.

Final thoughts

Now good testosterone levels are beneficial for the body for it to function effectively. While some medications and treatments would help promote better levels of testosterone, there is still no better way to boost it than natural means. Furthermore, you may want to stay away from using drugs to induce sleep as this may cause harmful effects to your body – especially for people with allergies.

 Getting a good amount and quality of sleep not only boosts testosterone levels naturally but also improves overall health without having to use or spend on anything. With the valuable information mentioned in this article about the right way to get a good sleep and build good testosterone levels, you’ll be able to maintain good health.

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