How Connected Rowing Workouts Can Help Keep You Motivated

Updated on March 6, 2021
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A rowing machine intends to recreate the motion of an individual rowing a boat on the water. Rowing is getting more and more popular as time goes by, gyms and individuals are increasing the number of rowing machines to their fitness equipment. One of the best ways to get a full-body workout at home is by acquiring a rowing machine. These machines come with internet connectivity, and their subscription-based workouts have helped their users improve their workout sessions at home. Nonetheless, nothing beats having a modern, versatile, and interactive piece of fitness equipment at the comfort of one’s home. Here are some of the ways that connected rowing workouts help keep people motivated when exercising.

Rowing Machine Features

Rowing machines such as the Hydrow rowing machine are sleek, modern, and astoundingly silent. It fits nicely in the home garage or gym space that has been set aside for morning or evening workout sessions. The additional 22-inch touchscreen monitor, speakers, and computer-controlled resistance set the Hydrow apart from other rowers. Apart from all these, it also has a Bluetooth connectivity feature and is a highly-rated rower since it offers its members subscription-based features. These features allow them to access online communities with live leaderboards and weekly team races.

Rowing Experience

The connected rowing machines improve the conventional rowers because they offer an engaging workout experience; they are more immersive and fun than the low-cost models with limited technology. The rowers such as the Hydrow provide a consistent, smooth rowing experience due to the computer-regulated resistance mechanism. A user can select the drag levels they prefer from the assortment provided, and above all, the machines are sturdy due to the commercial-grade materials used to make them; therefore, one can use them for a long time.

Membership to the Rowing Workouts

The main distinction between the traditional rowers and the connected rowing machines is the inclusion of an array of immersive and interactive extras. The touch screen displays allows one to view the transport data of rowers in different waterways. The connected rowing machines are an upgrade to the standard ones and are a great alternative to outdoor gyms and workouts. Enthusiasts and lovers of competition are attracted to the membership program and are essential in the experience. Users can view their position on the leaderboard and can see whether they are making progress or not. Hydrow brand promises to donate a portion of its proceeds to a non-governmental organization if a user attains 60 rowing sessions; this is another motivating factor.

A person can pair the heart rate monitor with the rowing units. They help the user measure their exertion rate. The readings are usually used as a reference by instructors through virtual-based classes. The user can also see how they are progressing over time by checking the online database that shows the rowing history. Instructors remotely lead off the mat strength and stretching classes that users can engage in to add a variety to their routines.

Price of Connected Rowing Machines

The connected rowing machines’ price is less than that of the best stationary bikes and treadmills in the market. The membership fees required to use the rowing machines are cheaper than most gym memberships and are almost the same as other exercising equipment that includes a subscription service. The membership also has several features that include extra fitness content like community leaderboards, yoga workouts, and live on-demand workouts. The users do not get bored during the workout sessions due to the friendly competition and can acquire pieces of equipment through the immersive online features that come together with the product.

Sound and Ergonomics

These rowers are built with the latest technology in mind and are remarkably silent, and some users find that their breathing is louder than that of the machines at faster speeds. The seats are adjustable, comfortable, ergonomically designed, and do not make too much noise for home use.

In sum, the convenience and accessibility of connected rowing workouts are the main reasons people opt to buy them. The indoor rowing machine users get all these and more, and for example, there is the added support of the Hydrow community. Additionally, a network of teammates can motivate and guide rowers to strive for the best while achieving their personal goals. These rowing machines are an excellent addition for athletes and people looking to transform their fitness regimes. They fit perfectly in the house’s small confined spaces, unlike the large stationary bikes and treadmills.

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