How CBD Products Grew Its Popularity In The Health Industry

Updated on August 18, 2020

CBD products are widespread in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Because of this, using CBD oil is becoming a part of everyday routine, like vitamin C tablets and other food supplements. There have been many claims about the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) that caught the attention of patients and medicals professionals.

But how come CBD products rapidly became so popular in the health industry? What were the important milestones or events that paved the way to the high popularity rating of CBD?

Find out more about CBD’s popularity in the medical world by reading below.

Other Industries Adopt CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid compound derived from the hemp plant, which is also used in developing other products. In the past years, CBD has gained popularity at significant levels. One reason for the heightened popularity of CBD is the adoption of CBD products by other industries.

Here are good-to-know facts about other industries adopting CBD: 

  • Some examples of CBD-related products include cosmetics, vapes, and food and beverages. CBD compound is incorporated as an ingredient, which also positions it as a marketing tactic. 
  • Companies in different industries seek to leverage the benefits of CBD by integrating CBD oil in their products. For example, to promote better skin health benefits, some cosmetic brands market their products using CBD. 
  • Some pet companies also use and promote CBD oil in treating common health ailments in cats and dogs. It’s also no surprise that CBD administration in pets has become popular since people are giving their dogs CBD-infused edibles. 

Since many people are talking about CBD oil, the health industry, particularly professional medical organizations, now acknowledges that there are anecdotal evidence and clinical trials conducted to prove the health benefits of CBD oil. 

To know the right CBD dose, it’s important to ask for more information and validation from medical professionals.

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CBD Is An Excellent Pain Reliever Alternative

The current CBD trends show promising opportunities for CBD market growth. By 2025, the CBD market is estimated to surpass USD$23.6 billion, which is a staggering 22.2 percent growth rate. What’s the reason behind this statistical data? 

This is because CBD is effectively used in pain management, which is widely researched in recent years. Initial research studies were mostly done on animals. Recently, however, studies involving humans have been launched. 

Passing of 2018 Farm Bill 

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in the United States, the CBD industry skyrocketed in production and sales, making it one of the fastest-growing food supplements worldwide. The healthcare industry is a key player in the growth of the CBD industry, exploring its application in pain management, sleep management, and anxiety management. 

Here are the details about the 2018 Farm Bill and how it relates to hemp production and CBD products:

  • In June 2018, a light shed in the CBD industry when FDA approved Epidiolex4, which is a CDB-derived drug for treating seizures associated with pediatric diseases. It became a significant milestone not just for the business owners, but also for patients and their families. 
  • Because of the approval of Epidiolex4, it’s believed that it’s one of the reasons why the 2018 Farm Bill was finally signed into law in December of 2018. This law removed hemp and cannabis derivatives with trace concentrations (no more than 0.3 percent) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

FDA Is Now Considering CBD 

The Food and Drug Administration has a crucial role in evaluating different factors when CBD is used in non-drug products, like dietary supplements and conventional foods. The agency continuously reinforces the law, considering the potential safety implications of CBD. In fact, the FDA and USDA have participated in several conversations and meetings regarding cannabis issues, including the use of CBD. 

Here are some things that the FDA is doing to heighten the popularity of CBD: 

  • The FDA is considering new legal pathways for hemp and CBD products by maintaining incentives for research and development. 
  • The FDA has received feedback from stakeholders, showing interest in conducting cannabis and CBD research. 
  • The FDA commits to doing what they can to facilitate incentives for CBD clinical research because they’re concerned about the widespread CBD availability in dietary supplements, food, and beverages. 
  • Clinical researchers need to submit their Investigational New Drug Application to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the FDA. Animal drug products with CBD under research should fill out and complete an Investigational New Animal Drug file under the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the FDA. 

Anecdotal Evidence 

Many people were inspired by the story of Charlotte Figi, who, at a very young age, experienced hundreds of seizures a month because of a rare form of epilepsy that’s common among children, called Dravet syndrome. According to CNN, Charlotte Figi inspired the CBD movement because CBD significantly helped controlled her seizures.

There were many success stories about the therapeutic use of CBD followed right after the good news about Charlotte Figi’s condition. She started to improve because of the CBD oil concocted by the Stanley brothers, who are cannabis growers in Colorado. Then, many people were also inspired to use it to treat their conditions. 

Rick Simpson, a famous cannabis activist and Canadian engineer, also shared his success story using cannabis oil, which also made CBD oil even more popular in Canada. 

Indeed, CBD oil gained so much attention in the healthcare sector, which also paved the way for the development of anti-seizure drugs by using CBD as an active ingredient. 


CBD has become a trending pain reliever alternative not just for arthritis patients but also for those who suffer from different medical conditions. Since the FDA has approved drugs containing CBD as an active ingredient, it then exploded the name cannabidiol of CDB in different industries. Of course, the FDA always advises the public to beware of false claims. 

Also, CBD is becoming a normal part of people’s daily routine, making the FDA consider, support clinical research, and even give incentives to the scientific exploration of this compound. 

With the success stories of patients who tried CBD, like Charlotte Figi and Rick Simpson, CBD has become very popular, transforming the many lives of people. 

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