How Can Dental Staffing Agencies Help With Sudden Demand

Updated on August 8, 2022

How Can Dental Staffing Agencies Help With Sudden Demand

Suppose you are an office manager in a small Florida dental office with two doctors, one hygenist, and one dental assistant. The five of you are enough to serve your patients without hassle. All of a sudden, you get an onslaught of positive reviews. Your phone is ringing off the hook, you don’t want to say no to anyone, but you want to go on providing the best dental services possible.

If you need more dental professionals to start working in your office pronto, you will want to use a dental staffing agency or a dental staffing app. Both staffing agencies and apps will have a database full of dental health care professionals. There are a few ways that dental staffing agencies can help you.

Large Databases Full of Qualified Candidates

A regular temporary agency will have employees on file from many different professions. They will generally only know basic information about the jobs for which they recruit and are unlikely to have worked in any of the industries for which they recruit. They will ask basic questions when they interview people and will provide basic background research. However, they may not understand the specific needs of the dental industry. 

A dental staffing agency will have recruiters who are trained in the dental industry. In many cases, the owners of these agencies are dentists who understand the qualifications required for each job in the dental industry. 

Almost all dental professionals will look for work through a dental staffing agency rather than an agency that does not specialize in dentistry. The most experienced hygienists will only use a dental temporary agency.

Dental temporaries are unique in that they are not always part-time workers and they are not always people looking for a full-time job. Dental hygienists have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, so many of them choose to freelance because of the flexibility it allows. A dental staffing agency will be able to find you a hygenist that meets your specific needs in a hurry.

They Take Care of the Research for You

Hiring new employees or even temporary employees can be a time-consuming task. You do not have enough time to deal with interviewing candidates and checking their background information. One of the major advantages of a dental staffing agency is that it will take care of the hiring process from start to finish.

When a potential candidate signs up with a dental staffing service, they will go through a full job interview. When you use a staffing service that specializes in dentistry, they will know exactly what questions they should ask. They will understand technical terms and can tell if a candidate is giving them an answer that makes sense. 

A recruiting specialist’s full-time job is to find dental offices’ great employees. Hence, they will have more time than you will to call references and verify dates of employment. They will also have a relationship with a background research company that will be able to do criminal background checks and reference checks. They will handle the cost and arrangement of drug tests for your employees, which is very beneficial in the medical field

Contemporary agencies even have sophisticated personality tests that can determine if an employee is suitable for your office environment. They also have basic office skills tests that they can give to job applicants.

They will check the licensure information of applicants and ensure there are no complaints against them with the local dental board. This is an important feature because your clients’ safety is very important, and so is your reputation.

The Temporary Agency is The Employer

When you take on a new employee, you take on a new responsibility. You will pay taxes on that employee and be expected to include them in any benefits that you offer.

This can be worrisome when you have new employees because you do not want to take on the extra expense if the employee does not work out. Health insurance is an enormous expense for some small companies. Using a temporary agency is a great way to see if an employee is right for you without wasting money. 

When you use a temporary service, a dental professional will work in your office for a certain contracted period. During that time, the temporary agency will take care of their payroll. Some temporary agencies offer benefits like health insurance, child care, and vacation days, and others do not. If there is a human resource issue with an employee, the dental temporary agency can assist you by talking to the temporary on your behalf. The agency is officially their employer, not you.

The temporary agency will pay taxes on the employee. If you want to hire a temporary permanently, you can do so when your contract with the temporary contract is up. You can also buy out the temporary’s contract if you want to hire them right away. 

Look for a Dental Staffing Agency With Great Reviews. 

You can learn more about the best dental staffing options if you Google, “dental staffing reviews.” You will find that there are several platforms out there that are dedicated entirely to reviewing dental staffing agencies. It is a huge industry, and people who use dental staffing services are not shy about expressing their opinions. The best dental assistants want to work with the best companies so they use review sites all the time. Asking other dentists’ offices in your area for their recommendations will help.

The agency you select should be run by people who understand the dental industry. They should have enough staff that you will get personal attention when you call them.

A growing office should be a good thing. When you have a sudden demand for more staff, a dental staffing agency can help you turn this problem into profit.

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