How a New Medical Supplier Transformed an Archaic Industry with Technology

Updated on September 2, 2022

In 2016, Dr. Ali Safiedine, founder of DocShop Pro, set out to modernize an archaic business model by changing the way medical practices order supplies. Until then, doctors, clinics, and medical practices relied primarily on door-to-door sales. Initially launched as a purchasing platform that brought together wholesale medical supplies from a range of suppliers, DocShop Pro streamlined the way many medical practices sourced supplies. 

By building strong relationships with vendors and customers alike, DocShop Pro grew dramatically, eventually evolving to become an industry-leading online marketplace for medical supplies, making it possible for medical offices to compare and save on medical supplies and equipment from different manufacturers. All this was just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic, which pushed many practices to embrace online ordering. 

The challenge: competing with national suppliers 

Committed to innovation and led by a strong vision, DocShop Pro has created a unique, essential solution poised for continued growth. However, the evolution from a purchasing platform to a scalable online marketplace didn’t come without challenges. For starters, as the company endeavored to scale, it found itself competing with Fortune 100 national wholesale suppliers that could offer customers net payment terms. To be able to compete with these national suppliers, the company needed a different kind of solution to manage net terms and online payment processing and collections for its customers.

After vetting several solutions that could help the company offer online net terms, DocShop Pro struggled to find the right solution–until they found Resolve Pay, an all-in-one net terms, credit, and payments software that could integrate with the company’s eCommerce platform.

DocShop Pro is now able to offer to customers:

  • Immediate net terms enrollment at checkout
  • Access to an online buyer dashboard where customers can view and pay invoices when due

A technology-forward company

DocShop Pro continues to be a market leader by being the most technology-forward company on the market. DocShop Pro’s technology stack is made up of several tools, including an eCommerce platform, an accounting system, and online net terms software. Sales at DocShop Pro are now much easier because their team could focus its efforts on sales and building new relationships with customers and vendors, rather than collections and invoice management. 

In a traditional industry like theirs, when it comes to customer satisfaction and NPS, most medical product supplies would be lucky to receive a score on the high-end of 10. By comparison, DocShop Pro proudly boasts an NPS score of 66 which they attribute to their values of fast customer service and building trusted relationships. 

The company’s efforts, combined with their ability to offer digital net terms, are paying off. Sales are growing and average cart sizes from medical clinics increased by 15% in 2022, and are expected to grow even further.

As a fully embedded marketplace, medical offices and clinics now have access to the most streamlined purchasing experience on DocShop Pro. When browsing DocShop Pro’s website, they can simply search for the product they need–for example, face shields–and see every vendor that is selling that product, filtered by price, while also having the option to pay on terms. 

This gives medical practices more options for products and price points. By making it possible for clinics and medical practices to purchase essential supplies more efficiently and at reasonable prices, DocShop Pro allows doctors to focus on the most important part of their job: providing exceptional patient care.

We’re bringing the best service to our customers to allow them to have the best experience and options to make everything easier for them. They don’t have to shop around anymore: they can put everything in one cart, they get one invoice, and they can use Resolve to get terms and payment options.” – Sylvia Ruma, Vice President of Operations, DocShop Pro

It is almost hard to believe that, until recently, many physicians relied on fax or door-to-door sales representatives to purchase their supplies. New companies like DocShop Pro have revolutionized clinical operations by developing digital and embedded solutions. By prioritizing relationships, these companies are changing the face of this important industry. 

What’s not hard to believe is that DocShop Pro is leading this transformation with a commitment to innovation and a focus on relationships. As the “Amazon of the medical marketplace”, DocShop Pro is at the forefront of this industry with virtually no competitors. With time on its side and reliable technology solutions, DocShop Pro continues to build relationships with more distributors to bring the best products at the best prices to doctors across the United States. 

Sylvia Ruma
VP of Operations at DocShop Pro

Sylvia Ruma is VP of Operations of DocShop Pro.

Chris Tsai
CEO at Resolve

Chris Tsai is CEO of Resolve.