Hoefer Wysocki Completes Design of Saint Luke’s Multispecialty Clinic

Updated on March 2, 2018

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New clinic is sustainable, flexible and efficient, earning LEED Silver Certification

Interdisciplinary architecture and design firm, Hoefer Wysocki, is pleased to announce the completion of construction of Saint Luke’s Multispecialty Clinic for Saint Luke’s Health Systems. The LEED Silver-certified healthcare clinic is located at 600 NE Adam’s Dairy Parkway in Blue Springs, Missouri and opened last July.

The 38,904-sq.-ft., two-story facility offers a variety of healthcare options for the community by providing quicker and closer access to diagnostic and treatment services. Specialties include urology, cardiology, orthopedics, family medicine and a rotating specialty. Onside imaging, pharmacy and lab facilities are also available. Comprehensive imaging capabilities include x-ray, DXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan, mammogram, ultrasound, CT and MRI.

“One of the client’s goals for Saint Luke’s Multispecialty Clinic was to bring care closer to where patients shop and live,” says Jim Stearman, principal at Hoefer Wysocki. “Today’s patients are consumer-oriented and factors such as travel, distance, cost and time all influence which provider they choose. The clinic offers patients a place in which they can take care of a myriad of needs in one visit, whether it be a wellness exam or diagnosis of a medical condition.”

The clinic was designed with sustainability in mind, with extensive indoor air quality measures, specifying low-emitting building material and flexibility of thermal and lighting controls adding to the overall patient experience. The design team used recycled materials, energy-efficient equipment and decreased construction waste to reduce the impact on the environment. The project site is well-landscaped with walking paths located around the clinic and is close in proximity to the local shopping district, effectively uniting the clinic to the surrounding community.

“It was important to us to make sure the clinic adhered to the needs of the individual, the community and the environment,” says Ashley Eusey, CA manager and LEED manager at Hoefer Wysocki. “Obtaining LEED Silver Certification for this project allows us to take a deeper look into the quality of our work and motivates us to continue on this path of creating sustainable spaces that have a positive impact on our environment.”

A major element of the clinic’s design was efficiency. The modular units were arranged to decrease travel time to patient rooms for the doctors and technicians. This design aspect allows for self-sustaining departments, since all major necessities are provided at each space. This will ultimately reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting to be seen by doctors and specialists.

Another driving force in designing the clinic was flexibility. Each exam room is has the same design and a modular layout to allow for any specialty to operate in the space. The modular specialty unit can be replicated in future expansion with ease and the site has plenty of space for growth as the need arises.

Additional Hoefer Wysocki team members involved in the project include: Jim Stearman, principal in charge; Dennis O’Roark, project manager; Roland Frerking, exterior CA manager; Jim McLarty, project assistant and Ryan Lark, project assistant. The Hoefer Wysocki team worked alongside Smith & Boucher, Inc., Olsson Associates and Bob D. Campbell & Company.


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