Healthy Living With a Twist: Struggles You Might Face When Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated on October 26, 2020

Most people live an unhealthy lifestyle. We like staying up late, spending days without exercise, and eating ready to eat food items low in nutrients and high in sugar and fats. But with all the benefits you can get for living a healthy life, there is no reason to skimp on starting to make a good change. But since a healthy lifestyle requires time, dedication, and a positive mindset, many already failed to commit and easily went back to their old unhealthy habits. Preparing yourself for the following challenges will make it easier for you to adopt a healthy life.

Acne and Premature Aging

They say a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve clearer and younger-looking skin. But then, some people experience acne breakouts once they start exercising more. This is usually due to the stress of changing to a healthier lifestyle and your post-workout habits.

An individual’s outdoor workout regimen can also cause their skin to age prematurely. Remember that excessive sun exposure can cause your skin cells to get damaged and break its elasticity. This, in turn, can lead to more wrinkles, dark age spots, freckles, and skin cancer.

The good news is, you can use the following tips to avoid acne and premature aging:

Keep yourself well-hydrated when and after you exercise

Avoid too much sun exposure and use a sunscreen high in SPF

Invest in the right skincare products like a qualitybenzoylperoxide face wash

Keep your hands and hair out of your face when you exercise

Learn how to manage your stress better

Get enough rest and sleep each day

Criticism fromUnsupportivePeers

Not everyone will be happy and supportive once you start trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Your friends might mock you for trying to exercise more while your family might prompt you to eat unhealthy food items. Your roommate might also beunsupportiveand will try to keep you awake even if your intention to sleep more hours each night.

Criticism can quickly demotivate you, which is why it is a must that you gauge your situation before sharing your plans with your loved ones. If they chose to continue with their unhealthy habits, it would be best to eat on your own, find another exercise buddy you can work out with, and modify your habits to get enough sleep.

If you can’t find any supportive peers, use this as your fuel to prove to them you can achieve your healthy lifestyle goals with or without their help. You can always find support from other people with the help of the following tips.

Join a gym class and socialize with other members

Run a marathon and make friends with other runners

Enroll in a healthy cooking class

Meet up with a local fitness group

Possible Heart Issues

One can argue that a healthy lifestyle will only do good for your health, especially your heart. But then, anything in excess can be harmful. If you are not careful, you can end up hurting your heart in the process.

Exercise can make you feel good since it helps release more feel-good hormones in your body. This is the very reason why athletes continue to train even after they compete, why people keep on joining marathons and why some are into working out each day. But according to studies, years of wear and tear caused byintense workouts weaken the heart.

To avoid this, make sure you engage in proper warm-ups and enough cool downs before and after each workout. Choose which events to compete in and avoid participating in intense events for more than once a year.

The Expenses of Living a Healthy Life

Many claim a healthy lifestyle is more expensive. In reality, the benefits you can get from healthy meals will do your health good, thus reducing your risk of getting sick and needing to pay for costly healthcare costs. You need to learn where to buy your food items and achieve your goals without trying to buy everything.

You don’t really need a gym membership from the local gym to achieve a healthier weight. Try towork outat home, or use that free gym membership offered by your company.Youcan also ask a friend to run and walk with you to make exercising more fun.

Even people on a tight budget can start eating healthier meals. As much as possible, buy your produce from a farmer’s market or try growing your own produce back home. Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid multiple trips to the store and think of ways to deal with your leftovers.

A healthy lifestyle can be your ticket to a better and more satisfying life. But this list goes to show that anything in excess can be bad for your health. Learn how to live a healthy life the right way, and you won’t have to break your bank, let your skin and heart suffer, and let your peers stop you from achieving your healthy lifestyle goals.

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