5 Instagram Personal Branding Tips for Healthcare Professionals


Whether you want to start a business, become a celebrity, or just reach a wide number of people, social media has the right platform for you.

On Instagram today, a lot of professionals in many different fields are harnessing the power of followers and becoming popular influencers. 


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For healthcare professionals, having a personal brand on Instagram might be a bit tricky, if you do not know the ropes.

Here are 5 Instagram personal branding tips for healthcare professionals. 

  1. Show off Your Profession

Some people get on social media and try to pretend to be someone else. This can be very tasking, and believe it or not, people can smell a fake personality from a mile away.

Do not be shy to identify as a healthcare professional. Post pictures of you in your scrubs or at work. This will help your followers connect with you a lot easier.

Make use of hashtags related to your profession and push your posts to your target audience. Identifying with a particular community is key for personal branding.

  1. Develop a Voice

With personal branding, people must be able to identify your voice/opinions. You want to stand out and be unique.

Try as much as possible to be outspoken without always having controversial takes. Give knowledgeable opinions on topics trending in your field and make smart contributions to relatable conversations. 

Engage other healthcare professionals and make sure you keep your tone as respectful as possible. Avoid being condescending or curt as this can create a bad rapport.

  1. Identify your Story

People love to hear stories about the inspiration behind certain career choices and other life decisions.

Develop a brand story. This story should be as authentic as possible; avoid painting an overly elaborate tale. 

Be realistic but include the important details. Talk about med school, your experience as a healthcare professional, lessons you’ve learned on your journey so far.

You can also share your goals, dreams, success, and failures. Most people view healthcare professionals as super smart and super successful. 

By telling your story about the realities of becoming an expert in such a challenging field, you can be a source of inspiration to many people.

  1. Give Advice

A lot of healthcare professionals are popular on Instagram for the helpful suggestions they give. 

You, too, can put this to good use. As you have already identified your niche, begin giving out basic advice in that area. 

However, you might want to be careful when it comes to this and remind your followers that their doctor’s opinion is final.

You can make videos talking about general healthcare tips and basic safety precautions while carrying out a certain activity.

You need to establish the fact that your opinion does not trump the counsel of their doctor, even if you are a doctor yourself.

  1. Diversify Your Content

The attention span of human beings has only gotten shorter. You do not want to bore your followers by creating monotonous content. 

Share pictures of yourself in different settings. You can post pictures from a day at the beach, a night out with friends, anything apart from being at the hospital or a professional setting.

Your followers need to see you as more than just a nurse or a lab tech at a hospital. Show them you have a great personality and that you can be fun too.

Growing a Follower Base

To have a strong personal brand on Instagram, you need to have a reasonable amount of followers. The more your followers, the more people get to see your posts on Instagram. 

Here are some helpful points for you if you’re trying to grow your followers on Instagram:

  • Post consistently (at least daily)
  • Use relevant hashtags 
  • Post on your Instagram stories and create highlights
  • Go live and post engaging videos
  • Organize contests and give out freebies 
  • Repost posts from popular celebrities on your story
  • Post clear pictures with the right filters
  • Hop on trends and trending topics 
  • Boost local discovery by making use of geotags

Building a personal brand on Instagram can be beneficial for so many reasons. You can become a healthcare influencer in your chosen niche, growing your reach even further.

If you want to grow a brand just to showcase your interesting personality, go ahead and have fun doing it. You do not have to make every single post about your job and what your career is like.

The key to building a solid personal brand is authenticity and consistency. You have to keep at it and build your brand slowly but surely. 

Before you know it, your account will be off the charts with loads of followers and thousands of likes on every post.

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