Healthy And Beautiful: Bunion Correction Sandals

Updated on August 20, 2021

Almost every person suffers from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Diseases can be congenital and acquired. One of the most common diseases amongst these health problems is bunion. From this sickness suffer both children who have just learnt to walk and adults. Besides, more men than women are diagnosed with bunion disease, but high-quality orthopedic bunion corrector sandals are one of the best ways to deal with this disease.

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General information

Bunion is a large tumor near the big toe. Its appearance signifies an incorrect functioning of the feet, which is often associated with flat feet. Also, a violation of the muscle balance can lead to a lump and a curvature of the big toe. In this case, the joint which connects the big toe to the foot bends into the outer part of the foot due to the incorrect position of the joint. 

The bunion can also provoke inflammation and a pain in the fingers, especially if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes. Furthermore, if bunions remain for a long time and cause severe pain, steroid injections or even surgery become the solution to the problem.

Causes of the bunion

  • congenital deformity of the foot or toes;
  • weak joint or other congenital disorders;
  • uncomfortable, tight shoes, especially with a sharp nose, which causes that the toes become pressed closely together;
  • flat footedness;
  • diseases that lead to the destruction of joints (for example, arthritis).
Bunions: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


If there is a hard lump in the area of the first phalanx of the big toe, you should pay attention to your shoes. It is recommended to consult a doctor if you have:

  • deformed, curved big toe;
  • pain with inflammation of the bursa (joint bag or pouch around the joint filled with fluid);
  • problems when wearing shoes;
  • calluses appear on the bump.


  • purulent bunion (inflammation of the bag);
  • severe pain when walking.

What can you do to prevent these consequences?

  1. Choose comfortable, loose shoes with a round or square nose.
  2. Try to wear special sandals for bunion correction with a separator between the thumb and the second finger.

Why should you choose bunion sandals?

An important part of the treatment of bunion is the wearing of orthopedic bunion sandals, because:

  • It helps to properly distribute the pressure on the foot and joints, which improves the development of muscles and ligaments. 
  • Stops the deformation of the joints.
  • Distributes the pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system equally.
  • It forms a correct, beautiful gait and posture.

Orthopedic bunion sandals should be chosen depending on the type and degree of deformation of the big toe. Its main goal is to maintain the correct position of the foot, preventing the curvature of the foot.

Bunion sandals: advantages, types

Treatment of the disease depends on the quantity of the symptoms and the strength of pain. At a later stage only surgery can cure the pathology removing the damaged toe. At an early stage, the disease can be successfully treated with the help of special exercises, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, and orthopedic shoes.

Times when orthopedic shoes were associated with the ugly form and exterior are in the past. Nowadays, these shoes are not only convenient, but also attractive-looking and stylish. 

What to pay attention to when choosing sandals?

  1. Orthopedic sandals should be chosen individually for every leg because each leg has its own characteristics. When you are wearing shoes, they “adjust” to the shape of the foot. Parents should remember: the child can not wear shoes for older children, otherwise his or her leg will acquire the same pathologies as the previous owners have.
  2. When you choose bunion sandals, it is important to consider the quality of the materials. These materials transmit the air well, and allow the leg to “breathe”;
  3. Pay attention to the quality of tailoring. Before buying, it’s better to inspect the shoe carefully, examine the quality of the stitching, and the inner surface. This will prevent the appearance of chafing;
  4. Take into account the anatomy of the leg;
  5. Choose your right size. 

To define your own size of the feet it’s better to:

  1. Measure while standing with your firmly on the floor and parallel to your other foot;
  2. Select a suitable size depending on your feet length. 
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