Healthcare Marketing: 7 Tried And Tested Ways To Grow Your Business

Updated on March 23, 2021

So, you are a healthcare professional looking to market your business and grow. Of course, that’s why you’re here to find ways that can help you. But before we get to the marketing strategies, it is better to understand how marketing for your healthcare business is different from other businesses.

How Healthcare Marketing Is Different?

It needs no mention that online search queries have increased manifolds in recent years. For any business or service, most of the time the hunt begins from a Google search. And surely, businesses are benefiting from their online presence.

However, when it comes to the healthcare industry, not any business can reap the benefits. Or better said, only the legit ones can benefit from digital marketing.

According to Google’s Webmasters’ Guidelines, healthcare and medical content affect the users with money and life. For this reason, it is selectively considered under the YMYL set of guidelines. The ‘set’ controls how the content should be created and how it will be promoted online.

So, how do you promote and market your healthcare business online?

Tried and Tested Online Marketing For Healthcare

So, you cannot just use the traditional methods for marketing your healthcare business. Nonetheless, you need not dump all the traditional methods. In other words, making alterations to your existing strategies can bring about successful results. Keep reading to know what these strategies are.

Create Marketing Copies

Like any other marketing strategy, everything starts with content for the healthcare industry too. However, as already mentioned, the content cannot be created like that for other businesses or industries.

Particularly, for a healthcare business, you need marketing copies that share data-backed information. For example, as it mentions here you can make use of press releases on popular media. However, the importance of factual and evidence-based information cannot be stressed anymore. The true success of your marketing copies would depend on the validity of the information you share.

Invest In Paid Promotions

Like other businesses, you can also benefit from paid promotions. The best part about paid promotions is, they can be used by anyone, whether local or multinational.

To put this into perspective, Facebook and Instagram ads are available for all. And it doesn’t necessarily require any website for promoting a business through these paid options. So, even if you run a local dental clinic or a gym, you can reap benefits from paid promotions.

Encourage User-Generated Content

You should ask your patients or customers to leave you feedback and reviews on your online profile. These reviews and feedback are also known as user-generated content.

How does it help with your practice? Well, whether you consider improving your online presence for the search engines or for your target audience, customer experience with your business is still an important factor for buying loyalty. Your target audience, as well as the search engines, consider these user-generated pieces of content as a positive signal.

Local SEO For Quick Results

Particularly, if you’re least interested in creating a website for your healthcare business, you can use this easier option. However, it is also noteworthy that this option is best for you, only if you’re operating locally, or within a specific region.

Local SEO practices involve creating a Google Business Site, optimizing it for your targeted keywords (services), and engaging with your target users. Besides, listing your business with Google, you can also invest in directory listings for better results.

Directory Listings For Your Business

Since we are talking about directory listings, it is important to understand what these are and how they help. In simple words, directory listings are like online yellow pages. You enlist your business on these platforms and help search engines create a local profile for your business.

It is important to note that when listing your healthcare business in local directories, you must ensure NAP consistency. Doing so would further improve your local SEO results, as already mentioned.

Publish WhitePapers

For healthcare professionals, their reputation depends on how explicitly they demonstrate their expertise. Creating and publishing long pieces of content with specific case studies and observations is an example of such demonstrations.

Apart from this, you can also involve whitepapers in your marketing strategy. Whitepapers are a long-form of content, sometimes, also known as papers simply. The formatting, however, is different from those of usual blog posts or ebooks. Usually, whitepapers are used for academic purposes, but they can also prove to be helpful with marketing.

Indulge In Discussions And Forums

Last but not least is engaging in conversations with your target audience. When it comes to healthcare professionals, people are still more comfortable with in-person conversations rather than talking to a chatbot. What it means is, your target audience will be more interested in your services if you yourself sell them, as it earns their credibility.

You can indulge in forum discussions and debates with your target audience. Answer simple or complex questions from your patients, resolve their queries, and earn their trust. It’s that simple. Besides, you can also leave a link for your business site or website, top help them reach your services.

The Takeaway

So far, you’ve learned how marketing for your healthcare business is different from others. And also, how you can still use the conventional strategies, with updated changes, to improve your brand’s reputation online. Yet, you may find it a little challenging to accomplish these tasks to their best efficacy.

If it may ease your thoughts, marketing is still an ever-evolving field. Buyers and customers can never be pinpointed, they can only be assumed. Of course, with the improvements in data procurement, the assumptions are now replaced by data-driven decisions. Yet, there is still some grey region between perfection and best practices. In short, you need to find what works for you the best, and then keep doing it. Slowly and gradually, you’ll get the results that you expect from simple yet effective marketing strategies.

On this note, we take a bid and hope that we helped you create a better marketing plan for your healthcare business.

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