Healthcare Car Leasing: The Benefits Of Leasing Medical Vehicles For Your Practice

Updated on April 13, 2023

Being a healthcare worker, no matter your profession within the industry, can be a stressful job. 

If you are a first responder, the weight on your shoulders can become unbearable at times, knowing that you are the first medical personnel to treat injuries and get patients to the hospital in time for further medical treatment. 

However, despite working 12-hour shifts and barely getting a lunch break, there are many perks to being a healthcare worker. Let’s focus on car leasing as one of these perks through the National Healthcare Service in the UK.   

What is the NHS Car Leasing Scheme? 

The NHS car scheme allows healthcare workers and their families to lease new cars and pay them back from their salaries. There are no credit checks done before leasing a new car or paying any deposits upfront. 

The car is paid for by reducing the healthcare workers salary, which means that they will pay less for tax and other contributions such as national insurance and pension. The maintenance, repairs, and insurance are also included in the car lease scheme. 

Healthcare Worker and Salary Sacrifice 

The salary sacrifice means reducing the employees tax, national insurance, and pension contributions. This means it is far cheaper to lease a car through the NHS scheme than to approach a car leasing company. 

Benefits of Leasing a Car Through the NHS 

Here are some of the proven benefits of leasing a car through the NHS:

  • Choosing your own vehicle 

Healthcare workers can choose the vehicle that they want to lease. The NHS lease agreement works the same as a private car lease agreement and is only for three years, and the employee has the option of purchasing the vehicle after the lease or leasing a new one. 

  • Fully comprehensive insurance 

The vehicle is covered with comprehensive insurance that falls under the NHS. 

  • Breakdown service and maintenance repairs included 

These services are included in the monthly payments, meaning you would pay for nothing should the car require any maintenance or services. 

  • Business Use has added benefits. 

If you use the car to travel for business, you will be reimbursed for the miles used according to the agreed leased car mileage rate.

Advantages of Leasing Vehicles for Your Medical Practice 

Here are the advantages of leasing vehicles for your medical practice instead of purchasing them:

  • You will have quality assets within your medical practice.

Since you are simply paying the monthly payments, included are the vehicle’s warranty and insurance coverage. 

This means that when you use the vehicles, they will be brand new, maintained, serviced, and repaired on time, which will be an added benefit to your business. 

  • Tax relief 

Leasing cars for your business means they are tax deductible and will give you money back, which you can either use within the business or invest elsewhere. 

  • Manageable budget 

Leasing comes at a fixed monthly price; you can plan your budget as you know the cost of your vehicles will stay the same for the next three years. 

  • No need to spend capital 

Instead of forking out large sums of money to get your business vehicles, leasing them can save you money and get exactly what you need to run your business effectively. 

  • The lease doesn’t appear on the company balance sheet.

Leasing is referred to as an off-balance debt, which means it won’t be visible on the balance sheet.  

NHS and Car Leasing Discount


The NHS car lease discount scheme is available to all emergency services workers and the staff of the NHS, which can count up to 50% in the arrangement fee discount. 

To be eligible, you must either be an emergency services worker, an NHS staff member or work in the following industries:

  • Education and Child Care 
  • Social Care 
  • National Security 
  • Public Safety  

The above-mentioned workers should be earning less than ¬£50k per annum to qualify for this discount. 


Other car leasing companies have car leasing discounts for people working in the healthcare industry. To find excellent car leasing deals as a healthcare worker that includes gaining access to a Crossover SUV to let you tackle various terrains, you can visit this page

Using a private leasing company can be more expensive than leasing a car through the NHS. This is why you need to weigh all your options when deciding to lease a vehicle. 

Be sure to find the most affordable option for you as a healthcare worker and do thorough research on the benefits that some private car leasing companies offer. 

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