Health Benefits Of Massages

Updated on February 21, 2022

Getting a massage is a great way to relax. It is an ancient practice that comes in many different forms, from hot stone to deep tissue, and is used to promote general wellness and self-care. Sometimes massages can be used as alternative medicine and as a way of treating aches, pains, and injuries. With so many of these therapies available, how do you choose which is the best for you? maybe a deep tissue massage if you’re into sports and need to soothe your aching muscles, or maybe a tantric massage in London if you’re looking for a more sensual experience? Massages come with so many health benefits, we’ll explore some of these below.  

Reduces stress and aids relaxation 

Massage has been used for centuries and can help to reduce the stress levels caused by our busy, day-to-day lives. Lowering blood pressure is key when it comes to a massage for relaxation. It is said that Swedish massage techniques are best to bring about relaxation and can contribute to a state of complete calm and blissful relaxation. Swedish massage is a great way of keeping our blood pressure under control as well as combating the stress we hold in our bodies. 

Reduces muscle pain 

Another health benefit that comes with massage is that it helps to reduce muscle pain or areas that are tight and restricted. A couple of great options if you suffer from this are sports, deep tissue, and remedial massage. These massages help to reduce inelasticity in the muscle tissue, freeing up and lessening the feeling of pulling, pain, and general restriction in your body. Massage can help to stretch out your body and increase blood flow, helping to relieve the tightness you might feel after playing sport or going to the gym. 

Improves your immune system 

As we know, massages are a tried and tested way of reducing stress and aiding relaxation, but have you ever thought about how this can help with other areas of your well-being? Stress compromises our immune system and when we’re suffering from stress, we can begin to feel run down. Using massage to achieve a bit of calm, can help to boost our immune system. Feel-good chemicals are produced in the body during a massage, which has a direct effect on our body’s chemical makeup, allowing us to give our immune systems a well-needed boost. 

Improves your sleep 

Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on our lives, our mood, and our health. Massage therapy is a tool commonly used to promote rest. We all know how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep when we’re feeling stressed. Massage helps to alleviate signs of stress, allowing us to wind down into a peaceful sleep. It helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase happy hormones used to stabilise our mood, helping us to sleep better. If you can’t sleep because of aches and pains, massage can be used to manage your discomfort. 

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