Ecommerce Mobile Website Design: 10 Tips to Do It Right (2021)


When only PCs and laptops were used to access the Internet, designing a website that looks good on most screens was not a difficult task. But today, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other wearable devices have made it more difficult. So a responsive e-commerce site that adapts to different devices has become a necessity for many companies.

You may have noticed that the PC version has a horizontal menu, while the mobile version has its items hidden in a drop-down menu. This is considered good practice for mobile sites, because on small screens the navigation takes up too much space, distracting the user from the site content and “eating up” space (magento website development).


To make your site responsive, specify object sizes in relative terms (such as percentages). For example, when you specify that a column is 50%, it will always take up half of the screen. This approach is the basis of the grid-view concept, where the screen is divided into 12 columns with a total width of 100%. When we resize the page, the grid-view and the elements enclosed within it adapt to the new size.

Minimalism is one of the major trends in e-commerce. Expensive, obtrusive design does not solve business problems and is not profitable. The interface should perform a purely service function – linking the user to the website and allowing them to perform key actions. Don’t distract the customer’s attention, focus their gaze on what’s important with a simple and clear design (magento website development).

Interface clarity is especially relevant in fashion themes. Here the main thing is the content, and the interface can influence the decision and take away the focus. For fashion, photography is important; everything else has to go into the background.

You can see for yourself by comparing the two sites on the Internet. When the first page is overloaded with flashy design elements that distract the user from the product. The second page presents a clean and concise design, nothing prevents you from focusing on the product, all the necessary information is conveyed. Which design will be more successful? Of course, second choice.

But the main thing is not to go overboard with minimalism and take into account the niche in which the business operates. For example, in electronics, the interface cannot be minimalistic, because it is a complex, technological product that has certain features, such as screen resolution, smart TV, wi-fi, connectors and so on. Competitive advantages need to be emphasised, to show maximum multimedia. That is why minimalism is not justified for household appliances, mobile phones, cars.

For example, in some online electronics shops the product card is the most effective in terms of marketing: large photos of products from different angles, a detailed description of the product and its characteristics. Simplify the interface as long as it does not affect its informativeness.

On average, for e-commerce projects that were widely used in 2021, the share of mobile traffic in Ukraine has already reached 74%. Therefore, the adaptive version and design of the site should be so user-friendly that the user, holding on to the handrail on the underground with one hand, can order food delivery with the other hand without any problems

Price is no longer a competitive advantage in the e-commerce market. To entice customers, you need to offer an extra service that, at the same price as your competitors, will give you an advantage. For example, free delivery, free stickers as a gift, a case, software, extended warranty period. This trend is particularly popular in the field of household goods and electronics.

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