Gynectrol Review: Reduces Moobs Without Side Effects

Updated on February 25, 2021

If you clicked on this review, chances are you have questions about or are struggling with, man boobs. Maybe you’re helping a friend, or maybe you are the one who needs some assistance. 

It’s OK- we aren’t here to poke fun or pass judgment. However, we are here to tell you about a safe, natural supplement that will help you melt off that unwanted chest fat.

The all-natural and safe solution is called Gynectrol, and it is a supplement created by the Crazybulk company. 

This company is a leader in the world of safe, natural alternatives to steroids. They help guys and girls who want to get big and get strong do so in a way that is honest, safe, and good for the body.

So, if man boobs, or enlarged breast tissue, is bothering you or somebody you care about, read on. You are going to be pleasantly surprised about the safe and effective nature of this supplement. 

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Gynectrol Review: Product Overview 

Crazybulk is a well-known, well-respected sports supplement brand that creates products that really work for men and women athletes everywhere. They are best known for their natural alternatives to steroids.

This company creates products using ingredients found in nature to help bodybuilders, athletes and active people reach their fitness goals. Their products all have favorable reviews and photos to show how awesome it all works. 

The company is young, only having started 6 years ago. However, they’ve done well for themselves, and have a full product line of supps that don’t quit.

Pro & Cons 

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Gynectrol:


  • You can avoid the embarrassing plastic surgery process: Consultation, surgery, recovery, and having to pay for the thing
  • Results happen fast when taken as directed
  • No negative side effects reported
  • Chest will look like a man’s chest, which will boost your confidence
  • Easy to swallow and take with you on the go


  • Product is a bit on the pricey side
  • Will not help the loose skin that may form after you firm up the chest
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it is our favorite part of the review: We get to cover the fantastic ingredients that make up this supp. We love that it is natural, and we love talking about their effectiveness.

Chromium Picolinate 240mg:If you have low chromium, your DHEA may be adversely affected. Your testosterone level is affected by this particular prohormone. 

It also helps reduce cravings for carbs, which can help you reduce weight and putting on weight in areas it matters, such as the chest. You will see it on the label listed as Chromax.  

Gugulipid 100mg (Guggulsterones) -You will find this is widely used in bodybuilding and it is a blend of compounds naturally occurring in Asian plants called the Commiphora Mukul, or guggul gum. 

The guggulsterones extract that are found in this supplement are stimulants you find in your thyroid gland, which boost the metabolic rate of the body, and burn calories a lot faster.

Potassium 33mg-This one is a no brainer! Potassium is useful in the fight against osteoporosis, strokes, and bloating. It supports balance in the body’s fluids, meaning it is easier for you to eliminate waste easier and get nutrients where they need to go in the body. 

Potassium is also important for muscle contractions. Cardiovascular health is also affected by potassium, as the nutrient aids the heart in beating regularly. It also helps us maintain healthy blood pressure by reducing the adverse effects of sodium.

Theobromine Cacao 100mg- This is a component that is found in plants like acai, tea, and cocoa plants. It is a mild stimulant but won’t give you caffeine dependency issues. It gives you the same benefits as caffeine, such as fat burning, appetite suppression, and more, all of which lead to a reduction in breast tissue size.

Tetradium Ruticarpum 50mg as Evodiamine-This is most commonly found as an ingredient in traditional Chinese healthcare practices. It is used to treat digestion issues and help with obesity, high blood pressure, and fluid retention.  

Energy Blend- This is made up of two beneficial ingredients (200mg): 

Green Coffee Extract: This is crafted from the Arabica beans, and helps with cardiovascular health, reducing cancer risk and even helps prevent Parkinson’s. Beneficial bioactives also exist in green coffee beans such as caffeine and chlorogenic acid. It is a great weight loss helper and is going to help define that chest.

Green Tea Extract- With an abundance of antioxidants and helpful polyphenols, green tea extract is beneficial in many ways. It even helps lower cholesterol by forbidding the bad cholesterol from becoming oxidized. It lowers cancer risk, reduces the risk of heart disease, and also improves your cognition.

How Does Gynectrol Work? 

Gynectrol works by focusing directly on subcutaneous adipose tissue that is the cause of gynecomastia. It is designed to focus on the chest and was created using only the finest natural ingredients backed by scientific studies.

People often ask us; does it really work? We can say that yes- it really does, based on the testimonials we’ve seen from other users. The reason behind gynecomastia is high estrogen produced by the body instead of testosterone. It results in the fatty tissue growing on the chest, which resembles breasts as you would see on a female.  

The way to prevent this situation and get looking and feeling like yourself again is to stop the situation in its tracks. Gynectrol helps your body create more testosterone over estrogen, which is the first step in resolving this problem.

It is crafted to attack the fat in the chest, reduce its size, and help you get rid of the “man boobs” you do not want. It just takes two capsules each day.

The formula is also designed to help lower cortisol levels as well as blood sugar levels. Having high glucose levels increases stored fat, so Gynectrol helps keep it low to reduce the risk of stored fat.

It balances out the hormones in the male body and stimulates the body in such a way that the gynecomastia is reversed. The end result is a chest that looks and feels masculine. It is something you can take right in your home, and the discreet delivery makes it better.

Best of all, it is totally natural and safe for men ages 18 and up.  

Benefits of Using Gynectrol 

The benefits of Gynectrol are numerous. 

Here are our reasons we find the supplement to be the premier way of ridding yourself of unwanted breast tissue: 

  • The ingredients are completely natural, and they are backed by scientific studies that show their efficacy. Included in the supplement are fat burners, energy boosters, metabolism enhancers, and potassium to help keep you feeling good.
  • All ingredients work in tandem with one another and are formulated to be just enough to be effective. 
  • You will be able to privately handle the problem instead of having to tell family and friends, and your workplace, about surgery, and about related doctor’s visits to that surgery. 
  • You can use the supp as a pre-workout to boost your gym sessions and stack with other great Crazybulk products. There are discounts when you buy in bulk, so it is a great deal if you were already considering legal steroids.
  • It’is ideal for guys of all ages, aged 18 and up. 
  • Free worldwide shipping is offered on the products. 
  • There are no negative side effects that have been reported. 
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Side Effects 

As of this writing, no negative side effects of Gynectrol have been reported. The reviews for Gynectrol are all favorable, and most guys have found success with the supplement. 

One negative review did discuss the fact that the capsules did not help with the loose skin that appeared after the user had lost weight in the chest area, so do bear that in mind as you start this particular regiment.

Despite this all-natural supplement, we still advise that if you are on medication, you speak with a doctor first before taking it. This is because everyone is different, and the supplement could interfere with medications you may be taking.

As a result, it is better to be safe and have a conversation about using it with your healthcare professional first.

Who Should Use Gynectrol?

Ladies, we are going to ask you to hold off on this- it is just for the guys. The problem of enlarged breast tissue is nothing to be ashamed of if you are a man. 

Gynecomastia affects lots of men, to the tune of 30% according to one study. It happens to both young boys going through puberty and older men, and guys in between. 

That being said, Gynectrol is for every man aged 18 and up who would like to burn off that unwanted breast tissue. 

It’s for guys that want a natural and safe approach to burning up that fat, and don’t want to run the risk of getting in trouble for using a banned substance in their sports/athletic endeavors.  It will also help men avoid seeking out plastic surgery to remove their breast tissue.

If you are a guy who has used steroids in the past and you are developing gynecomastia as a result, this is also a way to alleviate this. As you probably already know, steroid use may result in hormone imbalance, which leads to enlarged breast tissue.

We love that it is all-natural; however, as with any supplement, it is best to talk to a doctor before using to ensure it won’t interfere with other medications you might be taking.

Who Should Refrain from Gynectrol? 

This is the first of many “FAQs” our team noticed when researching this product. To answer the question directly:

  • Everyone under the age of 18
  • Women, especially women pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Those who are expecting a “quick fix”- it is not going to help you overnight.
  • Those unwilling to follow a healthy diet and exercise program
  • People who have not discussed the supplement with their doctor first
  • People who are on medication that may interfere with the natural ingredients of the product

Gynecomastia is a male health problem and should be used solely by men. It is designed to naturally and safely help men that are dealing with increased amounts of fat in the shoulders, abs, and chest.

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Dosage & Tips to Start 

Firstly, we want to tell you that you MUST take this as directed and follow a healthy diet and exercise program. Two tablets must be taken each day right before a meal. 

This is the recommended dose, and you should not take any more or any less in an attempt to boost or speed up the results.

It’s not advised to take more than four capsules each day. You will need water to do this- an 8 oz glass is preferred. It’s going to vary from one individual to the next, so do give it some time for it to start working. 

Most people will notice a change in just a few weeks when taken correctly. 

You may also use this as a pre-workout if you like. The ingredients work together to get you feeling energized and ready to workout with gusto, so you will burn that chest fat more efficiently and obtain the physique you desire.

As a result of the proper usage and diet/exercise, you will undoubtedly notice a firmer chest in just 4-6 weeks. You will feel and look better, and you can even reduce the dosage if you wish.

As an optional measure, you can stack or combine this supp with others offered by Crazybulk. Some great recommendations include DecaDuro, which is a legal alternative to Deca Durabolin, and Clenbutrol, which is a legitimate alternative to the steroid clenbuterol.  

Stacking could be a good idea because you combine the benefits of these supps to get results even faster. Clenbutrol is excellent for cutting fat, and Gynectrol helps the chest firm up.

TestoMax is another excellent supplement, especially for our older guys who might be reading this article. It’s a great and natural way for guys with lower T levels to boost them back up and enjoy better libido, increased muscle mass, and more energy.

Where to Buy Gynectrol and Guarantees? 

You should get Gynectrol directly from their website. This way, you are getting exactly what you pay for, and not a fake product. You can get it right from the website, which is easy to navigate and read. 

The site loads fast, and they are always offering a deal. When our team was performing research on the product and learning its benefits, there was always a flash deal going on. This makes it easier to buy, after all, it is expensive, but it works.

Now for the product guarantees. You can count on free worldwide shipping. You can also count on returns on unopened products within 14 days of the order date. All you need to do is send an email, and they will provide instructions on how to return the unopened product.

We cannot make any product guarantees that it will work, for instance: Everyone is different. It is likely it will work- however, we cannot make that promise.

Lastly, we want to recommend a bulk package of these supps. It helps save you money, shipping is free, and you won’t run out for a good while. Considering you are advised to take the product for 4-6 weeks with proper diet and exercise, this is a great idea.

It comes to your house discreetly in blank cardboard boxes. Nobody needs to know what’s going on, as this problem can be embarrassing for some guys. 

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To sum it up, we highly advise you to check out these legal and responsibly manufactured supplements. Chances are you are here because you’re ready to make a change for the better- that includes eating right and hitting the gym.

Some of you guys may already be gym-goers that had used steroids in the past and may have developed gynecomastia as a result. This could very well help you out in a safe and natural way, and you already have those healthy habits established. 

It is not going to be easy by any means. You will need to eat clean and work out regularly. However, this is much easier than having to undergo a risky surgery and be on bed rest for some time after the operation. 

And think of all the paperwork you get to skip- it is a hassle to submit such a claim to your insurance company or employment HR office. Plus, you will not need to take time off work and fall behind. 

Our advice? Print out a list of the ingredients and research them yourself to see for yourself the benefits. Then, talk to your doctor to be sure it will be OK for you. 

Order the supplement and get ready to work hard…but to also enjoy the amazing benefits such as more confidence, a masculine appearance, and strong chest!

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