Foods Affecting Your Skin

Updated on February 1, 2021

Those who are trying to find out the reasons that affect skin problems, should note that the food they eat can be one of the factors creating skin conditions. When making decisions about diet, many prefer to think about calories only, but those decisions are also important when it comes to having smooth and healthy skin. 

Fast Food 

A lot of people have recorded that eating fast food items such as burgers, french fries, pizza, onion rings increases the risk of acne. Many researchers claim that there is a high chance of acne because of fast food, however more research is necessary to prove this statement with higher confidence. 

Sugary Products

Another cause of acne is sugary products. With the intake of sweets, the blood sugar increases along with the insulin levels in the body. Consequently, the high levels of insulin are usually not good for those struggling with the acne problem as the hormone insulin in our body leads to skin inflammation – the key trigger for acnes. 


Dairy products are also known to cause acne on the skin. The researchers are still trying to find the underlying connection between dairy and acne, however it is most likely because of the proteins that the milk contains. While we consume milk, those proteins release a hormone similar to insulin. Eventually, those hormones trigger the breakouts on the skin. 


Drinking a glass of wine or any other kind of drink for a certain occasion is good and can never do any big harm. Even so, consuming alcohol in large quantities can cause the skin breakout and not look very healthy. Alcohol increases the hormone levels in the body, which later produce oily substance, eventually causing acne on the skin. 

The mentioned causes above are just general categories and there might be specific types of food that would possibly trigger acne or other types of breakouts on your skin. For those instances, you should consult a doctor and try to find a substitute to that product.  Otherwise, it’s always good to keep the consumption quantities of fast food, sugary products, dairy and alcohol in moderation. 

Skin conditions are caused by various reasons and diet can be one of them. It’s not pleasant to experience skin breakouts, especially in adulthood. That’s why one should always be conscious of his/her skin health  and consult a dermatologist or other skin specialists, once the skin problems are visible. The doctors will assign the right prescriptions and treatments for that specific condition. For example, therapies like Swift treatment are becoming more and more famous among clinicians, as they show positive results for the clients.  

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