Five myths about employer-sponsored health clinics debunked for patients

Updated on October 13, 2023
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If your employer recently opened or plans to open an employer-sponsored health and wellness center, it’s understandable that you might be skeptical about visiting your clinic at first. Whether it’s a lack of understanding of your health center’s offerings or concerns regarding your privacy, every question you have as a prospective patient should be answered before making an appointment at your health center.

There are many myths circulating around the concept of employer-sponsored health centers. Here are five of those myths and the facts to help you start taking advantage of a health center offered by your company:

Myth #1: My employer knows all the details of my health center visits.

FACT: Your health center should abide by all federal HIPAA and confidentiality regulations and makes it a priority to ensure your health care data are protected. Only the physician and the other clinical staff will have access to your healthcare data. It will only be used by the health center staff for the purpose of helping you with your health issue. Any reports that are shared with your employer about health center activity are at an aggregate level.

Myth #2: If I already have a primary care physician (PCP), I cannot use the health center, or I have to change my PCP to the health center provider if I want to use it.

FACT: Even if you have another PCP, you can still utilize the health center for laboratory tests ordered by your PCP or specialist, medication refills, and urgent care visits.

Myth #3: The health center only handles sick or urgent care visits.

FACT: Most employer-sponsored health center offers a wide variety of primary care services including, but not limited to, preventive services, laboratory and in-office tests, onsite prescription medication dispensing, minor procedures, well-women’s exams, wellness coaching, weight loss programs, diabetes and other chronic condition management, and more. 

Myth #4: My employer will require me to use the health center.

FACT: You are not required to use the health center. Participation is completely voluntary for all employees.

Myth #5: The health center can not make referrals to specialists.

FACT: Health center staff will assist you with referrals to specialists within your network as needed and ordered by the health center’s physician, as well as support in the care coordination of all visit notes and requested information. Our health center teams do their best to ensure you get the highest quality provider at the right cost, right place, and right time!

Despite the myths, employer-sponsored health centers can be beneficial no matter your circumstances. Before deciding not to take advantage of your health center, take the time to consider your options, ask questions and make the right decision for yourself and your family.

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Raegan Le Douraon

Raegan Le Douaron serves as CEO and President for WeCare tlc, overseeing all facets of the business and driving strategic initiatives. Raegan has a proven executive management track record and 20 years of experience growing and developing sales growth in various market segments. Raegan brings experience from the managed care and medical carrier sides of the self-funded market, giving her a keen perspective on the challenges WeCare tlc’s clients face in managing their health care costs.

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