Primary Care Done Right is a Combination of Personal Care and Powerful Data

Updated on April 10, 2023
Smiling doctor looking at a patient on a wheelchair in hospital hallway

The cornerstone of excellent primary care is a medical team that knows and understands your needs. But data is beginning to play a more significant role in improving the quality of care.

When done right, the combination of superior service and outstanding data equals the best possible care that people can receive.

Quality primary care is hard to find

Primary care is dying in America. Rising healthcare costs along with the emergence of “doc in the box” and increasing episodic care has killed off the doctor-patient relationship in healthcare. At WeCare tlc, the company’s medical team knows the people they serve, often on a first name basis, and understands what’s needed to keep them physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Now, WeCare tlc has a new tool to combine with its commitment to personal, preventative care: enhanced data. Even with a fraction of data, the company’s medical team can utilize the information to drastically improve patient outcomes.

How data strengthens healthcare outcomes

Here’s how it works: Suppose data analytics generate a report that a patient has certain genetic markers that make them more likely to develop a certain type of cancer, blood disorder or dementia. With the right data, WeCare tlc’s medical team will have invaluable insights into that patient’s well-being, allowing for better treatment. Analytics also give the company the ability to reduce unnecessary testing and increase needed treatment while decreasing costs.

This enhanced attention to data is due to an exclusive partnership between WeCare tlc and TURBOARD – two women-owned companies that are used to taking on mega giants in the healthcare and technology sectors. Le Douaron met TURBOARD CEO and cofounder Yasemin Şahin at a conference and immediately saw the power the latest data-gathering technology could bring to the health centers.

The partnership will result in better healthcare treatments for patients without increasing healthcare costs. Usually, when a new technology is implemented, the cost of implementing the technology is passed on to the consumer. What’s different with TURBOARD’s data analytics technology is it’ll increase healthcare efficiency and remove any redundancies, which saves more in healthcare costs than the technology itself.

Keeping employees healthy and on the job

In a data-driven world where C-level executives want to see results, TURBOARD’s platform can allow people to visualize the quality of care and measure key metrics that show the value of an onsite or near-site health center.

WeCare tlc understands the cost of not providing healthcare as part of an employee benefits package can cost an employer more in lost productivity than actual healthcare costs. According to Pro Choice Safety Gear, On average, many unhealthy workers take 18 sick days per year compared to an average of two sick days for healthy workers. Unhealthy workers on average completed 49 productive hours of work each month, compared to the healthiest workers who average around 143 productive hours at work. The Society for Human Resources Management states that more than 50 percent of U.S. adults with employer-sponsored health benefits said that whether they like their health coverage is a key factor in deciding to stay at their current job. Just under 50 percent of employees said health insurance was either the deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job.

In a tight labor market where the need for production is critical, healthcare plays a valuable role in attracting people and keeping them healthy enough to do the job. At WeCare tlc’s health centers, people go to the doctor much more often and are healthier because care is convenient and cost-effective. 

In a world where one of the largest retailers is buying up healthcare systems, WeCare tlc and TURBOARD are choosing the path less traveled by partnering with one another to deliver healthcare with a personal touch.

Primary care has always been a relationship – from the days of house calls to a family physician that you knew for decades. The combination of relationship healthcare and powerful data will accomplish the best possible outcomes for patients.

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Raegan Le Douraon

Raegan Le Douaron serves as CEO and President for WeCare tlc, overseeing all facets of the business and driving strategic initiatives. Raegan has a proven executive management track record and 20 years of experience growing and developing sales growth in various market segments. Raegan brings experience from the managed care and medical carrier sides of the self-funded market, giving her a keen perspective on the challenges WeCare tlc’s clients face in managing their health care costs.

Raegan is passionate about well-being and wellness which fuels her enjoyment of a variety of endurance sports. She enjoys community service as well as volunteering for organizations such as Feeding Children Everywhere. Raegan lives with her husband and children in Lake Mary, FL.