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Fighting Breast Cancer the Right Way

There is a lot of evil in this world. Some of them would kill you from the inside – and cancer is one of them. 

Cancer has become the world’s enemy. It is a form of the disease that begins within our body – with an abnormal cell growth that may spread to its other parts. You can fight it through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. But, not everyone is lucky enough to survive. 

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There are many forms of cancer, and anyone is prone to getting it. Among the common types that women in the United States acquire are skin cancer and breast cancer. 

What is Breast Cancer? 

Cancer cells form in the cells in the milk-producing ducts or the glandular tissue of the breast. Both men and women are prone to breast cancer, but the latter is more susceptible. 

Having cancer can be quite a scare for many – especially to the victim and their immediate family. However, we can decrease the fear with the right awareness regarding the disease. 

Sure, not everyone is a doctor. But everyone can learn the most critical factors about cancer, breast cancer in particular. 

Here are a few tips on how to raise breast cancer awareness for yourself and other people. 

Understand How it Begins 

Everything has a beginning. As mentioned above, breast cancer develops within the cells of a person’s breast. But that can only be determined with the help of a doctor or a cancer specialist. 

The best we can do is check for the initial symptoms, which include a lump in the breast or physical changes in the breast like in the size, skin color, and in the areola. 

When you see these symptoms, don’t assume that you have breast cancer. Instead, immediately consult with a doctor. 

Know its Origin 

Some may not understand why they’re diagnosed with cancer. Doctors say you can inherit breast cancer from your family. Around 5 out of 10 breast cancer cases are linked to genetic mutations passed through family generations. 

So, if your family has a history of breast cancer, consider going through regular medical check-ups to know for sure. 

There are also risk factors that will make a person more prone to acquiring breast cancer – check if you or your loved one is exposed to these factors. Hormonal, lifestyle, or environmental factors may increase the chances of having breast cancer. 

Continuous Study is Necessary 

With the help of technology, cancer is gradually being figured out in the medical industry. Update yourself by reading medical articles, news bites, or by joining breast cancer support groups to gain more knowledge on breast cancer. Remember to only read from legitimate medical websites and support groups. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Cancer is no exception. You can volunteer for a breast cancer screening even if you have no symptoms showing. You can also keep yourself healthy by constant exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, and avoiding vices as much as you can. 

Awareness and research on breast cancer have dramatically helped in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. And if one continues to learn and share this knowledge, as breast cancer support groups do, breast cancer will soon be defeated by everyone. 

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