EZC Pak Reveals Remarkable Results in Double-Blind Study, Including a 1.39-Day Reduction in Illness Duration for Patients with Upper Respiratory Infections

Updated on May 4, 2023

EZC Pak, the physician-formulated, over-the-counter immune support system designed to reduce antibiotic misuse in treating colds and flus, is proud to announce the results of a double-blind study that evaluated the efficacy and safety of EZC Pak’s five-day tapered immune support pack in the management of outpatient upper respiratory infections (URIs).

Over the course of nine months, 360 patients across the United States were enrolled in the publicly listed, NIH-registered clinical trial, which revealed that those with upper respiratory infections who took EZC Pak recovered 1.39 days faster (p=0.017), reported a 17.43% lower symptom severity (p=0.029) and 2.9x higher patient satisfaction (p=0.012) versus placebo patients. These results further validate the effectiveness of EZC Pak’s immune support formula and five-day tapered system as a proven, data-driven alternative to antibiotic misuse in treating colds, flus, and other URIs.

“EZC Pak was designed and formulated utilizing datasets in each component ingredient and subsequently tested in an observational study.  This is the first double-blind, randomized control trial — the gold standard in clinical research — comparing EZC Pak’s efficacy vs. placebo,” said Dr. Sarath Malepati, creator of EZC Pak.

“The study’s findings support the use of EZC Pak as a readily available, over-the-counter alternative to patient requests for antibiotics when none are deemed necessary at the time of initial clinical presentation, which is the core use case EZC Pak was created to serve. In the midst of surging antibiotic resistance and the growing threat of superbugs wreaking havoc on our public health, this study highlights the role that EZC Pak can play in improving antibiotic stewardship in outpatient URI management in order to preserve the antibiotics we have left for cases when they are truly clinically indicated.”

The trial was executed by a third-party clinical research organization, Citrus Labs, with participants enrolled and randomized in a double-blind manner across two intervention groups. 120 patients were given EZC Pak, 60 were given EZC Pak + Vitamin D, and 180 were given the placebo. Patients were asked to track and report their symptoms and vitals in an app-based journal immediately after first falling sick.

Once a participant reported the first URI symptom, they were instructed to take the intervention as directed and complete the daily symptom survey score until their symptoms resolved. The overall illness reduction rate, decreased symptom severity score, and higher patient satisfaction scores linked to active EZC Pak trial participants further prove and demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing optimal over-the-counter immune support as an alternative to unnecessary antibiotics in treating colds and flus. 

“Some prescribers express concern that patients expect antibiotics, often asking for specific antibiotics directly by name, and are unsure whether recommending an over-the-counter alternative will lead to negative patient satisfaction scores and doctor reviews. This study of EZC Pak should encourage those prescribers that the patient’s main goal is to get better, and they are open and willing to trust their doctor on that journey,” Dr. Malepati commented.

“It is our hope that these findings support both doctors and patients in making good decisions with their health. Taking antibiotics when unneeded has serious and growing consequences, as well. Overall, we are pleased that the trial provides intriguing evidence for the potential use of EZC Pak in outpatient URI management.”

Despite research linking low vitamin D levels with an increased incidence of URIs, no difference in recovery speed or symptom severity was found in this trial between using EZC Pak and its vitamin D-boosted formula during the acute phase of illness. The results are consistent with recent COVID-19 trials that have not shown illness reduction benefit to taking vitamin D during the acute phase of the infection.  The authors state that the decision to replete vitamin D during active illness remains an individualized decision left to the patient and their doctor at this time.  

The clinical trial was published by Dove Medical Press in Infection & Drug Resistance, an open access peer-reviewed medical journal that covers research on infection treatments and strategies. The study design and analysis were carried out in collaboration with researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

EZC Pak is the proven over-the-counter rapid immune support solution that contains professional strength doses of Echinacea, zinc, vitamin C (and sometimes vitamin D). Physician-formulated as a tapered five-day alternative to antibiotics (when appropriate), EZC Pak’s award-winning formula was created to address the misuse and overprescribing of antibiotics in upper respiratory infections, which has contributed to increasing cases of antibiotic resistance in which bacteria develop the ability to withstand the treatments designed to kill them. Backed by powerful clinical data, EZC Pak is the only over-the-counter solution that is physician-formulated and readily available at pharmacies, drug stores, and online to help sick individuals recover faster without the use of antibiotics or prescription medications when appropriate.

The immune support solution is currently offered in two five-day tapered systems: EZC Pak (Echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C) and EZC Pak+D (EZC’s base formula plus vitamin D). EZC Pak is currently available without a prescription at any CVS, Rite Aid, and select other U.S. grocery stores — as well as online at Amazon, Walmart, and the company’s website. To learn more, please visit www.ezcpak.com or follow the company on socials: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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