What drawing Graphic tablets do professionals use?

Updated on May 12, 2023

Using the right professional drawing graphic tablets would surely help you design beautiful digital art with ease. There is a wide range of products when it comes to graphic drawing tablets; there are some that come with their own screens, while there are some that you have to hook up to an external monitor.

So whether you’re new to the digital world, a professional, or a beginner heading toward school, we recommend that you check out the list below to learn about the best drawing tablets that professionals use.

Best Drawing Graphic Tablets

Creator Pop A15 Pro

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The Creator Pop A15 is a drawing tablet that strikes an optimal balance between price, portability, design, and power. If you ask us, we firmly believe that this is one of the best drawing tablets that you can buy right now. Among the numerous features the tablet offers, the most prominent 1 is the texture of its drawing surface. Moreover, the tablet is extremely affordable. It falls within $50.

Note: At the moment, the tablet is on sale.

Due to the level of bite against the stylus, it feels right, so the tablet offers a satisfying experience to draw on. It also comes with pitch-perfect tilt sensitivity and pressure. 

Moreover, the tablet offers the facility of customizing your stylus to meet your requirements. It offers 12 customizable shortcuts to enhance productivity,y and it comes with 8192 level pressure sensitivity along with a 290 PPS reporting rate.

The cherry on top is that the tablet is available in four classic and personalized colors that you can choose from. Last, but not least, the 10 into 6 inches workspace is big enough even for people with big hands.

Studio VK 1560 Pro

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The studio we gave 1560 Pro, is the choice of numerous design professionals and working illustrators. Of course, it takes a little getting used to. However, once you get the hang of this amazing tablet, you will never be comfortable with any other graphic tablet.

 The tilt, tracking of pen movement, and pressure are almost perfect. In other words, it effortlessly removes the barrier between what you want to draw and what turns up on the screen.

The tablet offers seven customizable shortcut keys along with a dial that allows you easy access to all your favorite functions. The amazing tablet comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 60-degree tilt response. It is virtually lag-free, thus ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless experience of drawing or painting.

The tablet comes with an IPS display that showcases uniform brightness, and it offers 1920 into 1080 high resolution. Its industry-level color display showcases uniform brightness. You can effortlessly see even the most minute details of your digital drawing.

This drawing graphic tablet is for people who are looking for a big space to work on. The tablet offers 15.6 inches of active work area.  Last but not least, the tablet comes with a battery-free P03 stylus. This replicates the feel of a pen and paper to perfection.

Studio VK 2200 PRO

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The studio week at 2200 Pro is the best of the best! Of course, it is on the more expensive side, as the tablet offers everything that there is to offer.

Use a multi-screen setup: If your computer has multiple screens, you could have your drawing software open on one screen and an online calculator open on the other. This would allow you to easily switch between the two screens as needed.

 It comes with a 21.5 inches display screen with a screen resolution of 1920 in 2080.

In addition, the tablet has two quick tiles along with eight silent shortcuts that fully meet your requirements and enhance your productivity. You cannot effortlessly connect your tablet to any device because of the dual-head USB C design.

The fully laminated and high-resolution screen provides you with clarity that even lets you see the most minute details. You can enjoy vibrant colors on display, as it has 16.7 million colors along with 92% NTSC/ 120% RGB.

Moreover, the tablet is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS 10.12 and above. It also works well with a number of software programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Painter, Mega Studio, Sketchbook, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, and several others.

Take away on Drawing Graphic Tablets 

 With so many tablets on the market, finding the best can be a bit difficult. However, the above-mentioned tablets are some of the finest that you can find in the market, especially for people who want Professional level tablets.

 These tablets incorporate endless functionality and features.  Some come with a screen, and some are without a screen, The type of graphic tablet that you choose greatly depends upon your own personal preferences.

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