Exercises to Manage Shoulder Pain [Infographic]


Shoulder pain is a problem that affects more than 20% of adults. The causes can vary; there is no one specific reason why your shoulder is hurting. It can be dislocation, overuse or age. However, one sure thing is that it’s painful. It can make simple activities seem like torture. That’s why people experiencing it are seeking shoulder pain relief methods. One of the best ways to ease or completely stop shoulder pain is movement. Here are some of the best shoulder pain exercises. 

Doorway Stretch: Hold on to an open doorway. Your shoulders and elbows should be in line. Keep your hands on the doorway at or a little below your shoulders’ height. Lean forward. If the exercise is performed correctly, you should feel the stretching of your muscles. 

Pendulum exercise: Support yourself on your hurting shoulder with the nearest chair or table. Bend over slightly and let the other arm move in a swinging motion, just like a pendulum. 

Child’s Pose: Kneel down on the floor. Spread your knees in a way that the distance between them will be longer than your hips, feet put together behind you. Try to sit on your heels, and lean forward – belly on your tights, arm out in front of you and forehead on the floor. Press your shoulders and chest towards the ground and hold for a few seconds. 

Reverse Shoulder Strech: Stand upright, and put your arm behind you. Keep them straight, with your palms facing opposite from you. Move your hands up and hold the pose for around 10 seconds. 

If you want to learn more about shoulder pain, check out the infographic provided by Kemper Medical.