Exercise Tips & Advice In This Personal Trainer Website


One of the few activities that people really try to avoid is exercise. It is such a baffling phenomenon when in the ancient times; it was celebrated when someone is into physical activities. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the first modern Olympics, physical exercise is a core part of development. Nowadays, it is still a part of development especially to those still in school. Physical education is a part of any curriculum in the world and it has helped children in balancing their life. It included sporting activities and basic exercises that can help them get active outside of the classroom.

However, as we grew older, we need to stay active in order for us to maintain our body’s functions. Our bodies will not last forever, but we have to take care of it while we still can. It’s not something that we can exchange for something better. We are still so far from the sci-fi ideas of automated body parts and cryogenesis. We will fade away sooner and later, but this does not mean that we must waste our bodies away. There are tons of ways that we can take care of our body and we must be able to do it even when it’s difficult.

The discussion about being healthy usually starts with the food that we eat. We all know that we must eat fruits and vegetables. Meat is still debated if we really need it but it is a part of a balanced diet. Carbohydrates like grains and rice are also needed for energy and nutrients. However, one of the most common misconceptions is that this is all we need to eat no matter what amount. Part of a balanced diet is also the amount of food that we take in. It doesn’t matter if we eat a “balanced” diet if we are eating too much or too little of it. Knowing when and how much you can eat during the course of the day will also help in consuming a balanced meal every time. Click here to read more about this: https://www.healthline.com/health/balanced-diet.

Water is also very important in maintaining our health and well-being. It acts as a natural cleanser of our body and helps in our hydration. Our bodies are partially made of water which is why we need to replenish all the time. All the wastes that is built up because of what we eat and drink is also flushed out with the help of water. We can die in three days or less if we cannot drink water. Fruit juices and other beverages like coffee and soda do not count as a replacement. Even though they also have water, they have other compounds which may hinder our water absorption and/release. 

Having enough sleep is also a need for us to achieve a healthy body. As we are not machines, we should always have adequate rest everyday. It is not healthy to deprive yourself of sleep during weekdays and sleep it all off during the weekends or holidays, it can affect your overall mental health which would bleed into your physical aspects. You would always feel sluggish and tired. Also, your immune system would be weaker without rest which makes you susceptible to other diseases. The body needs at least six to eight hours of rest for our bodies and minds to function normally.

All of these things lead us to exercise, the final piece of this healthy body puzzle. It might take a lot of effort but it is worth it in the long run. The million dollar question now: how are you going to exercise? You can do it on your own by watching YouTube videos or you can enroll in a gym class. However, we do recommend for you to hire a personal coach or trainer. Here are our reasons why:

1. Personalized Training Program

Hiring a personal coach is better because you can ask your trainer for a specific training program that fits your needs. In many gyms, the programs that they give are usually generalized. This means that they made the program that can accommodate anyone. Unfortunately, this does not really cater to everybody. For example, you are still a beginner in exercise and they put your through exercises that you don’t know anything about. Or, you can also be a veteran and yet they still put you through the beginners classes. This makes the gym boring and it increases the chances of you quitting and moving to somewhere else. If you hire a personal gym trainer, they can create a specific program that would work for you and what you want. This makes the exercises more efficient and you can see the results while enjoying all of it. You can even hire them online as there is a Transformed Personal Training – list of personal trainers available on the web. Check it out!

2. Safer Exercise Routine

One of the drawbacks of enrolling in a gym is that some of the exercises that are made for “everybody” are not actually safe for some people. For example, certain exercising equipment are not safe to operate by people with heart disease or bone fractures. It is ideal that each gym should ask about the person’s medical history first before enrolling him or her on a gym exercise routine. Sadly, this does not get noticed until it is already too late and someone is already on the ground. With personal trainers, they can notice anything wrong in the first few minutes of exercise. The very best personal trainers are medically trained and know the limits of their clients. 

3. Exercise in your own Time

The convenience of having your own personal trainer is very evident especially when you are a busy person. If you have a hectic schedule but you do not have the time to comply with gym classes, having your own personal trainer helps you manage all of it. Scheduling them is easier since you do not have to follow a strict gym schedule. You can do it at your time, at your own pace.