7 Crucial Points to Remember for Those Who Want to Reconnect with the Hearing World


While the audiology field has witnessed tremendous advancement in hearing aid technology, there are some things you can do to help improve your hearing. Here are some pointers to consider is you are looking to reconnect with the hearing world.

1Avoid Smoking

If you are searching for another reason to quit smoking, then you’ve found one. Research shows that smoking increases your risk of hearing loss. Blood flow and oxygen are necessary for ensuring healthy cells in the inner ear, and so, nicotine from tobacco could prevent oxygen from reaching that part of the ear. Additionally, nicotine has been linked to tinnitus, and it is believed it could interfere with neurotransmitters carrying messages from the ear’s nerve to the brain.


Exercising your ear is something you may want to do if you are looking to reconnect with the hearing world. Have someone read to you aloud on a topic that is unfamiliar, and after every sentence, try repeating what you just heard. If you are able to successfully do that, you can repeat the same with the radio or television. Such exercises help build resilience and ensure your hearing ability is always in check.

3Take Vitamins

There have been connections between vitamins, minerals, and hearing function of the ear. For instance, folic acid is said to enhance circulation to your ear and promote the production of energy in cells that are responsible for hearing. B vitamins provide many benefits including optimization of oxygen and regulation of fluid levels.

While hearing loss is irreversible, you could prevent it from worsening by altering your lifestyle. Early detection is important, nonetheless, so make sure you get your ears checked every year to ensure they are not getting any worse.

4Know the Treatment Options Available

The extent of your hearing loss usually determines the kind of treatment that will be recommended. However, the most common and effective treatment technique is hearing aids. These devices are usually fitted inside or behind the ear. There function is to amplify sounds electronically, but they do not restore one’s ability to hear. Devices such as the fully rechargeable RIC hearing aids can amplify sound intelligently through the use of speech isolation, directional microphones, and noise reduction technology, which diminishes background noise while identifying what you want to hear. If you’re wondering which is the best hearing aid on the market, check out Health.com‘s hearing aid reviews

5Use Your Device Appropriately

Your ability to reconnect with the hearing world will depend on how you use your hearing aids. This means that you will need to put in so much effort to learn to listen. You could have the latest hearing aids, but if you are not dedicated to improving your listening ability, then it is not going to work for you.

6Manage Your Hearing Loss

You can use some of the assistive hearing devices to help in managing your hearing loss. For instance, infrared systems allow to set the volume of your TV to your own headphones, so everyone else doesn’t have to listen to the TV or radio at full blast.


If you intend to reconnect with the hearing world, you need to ensure you put in the efforts needed to achieve that. The above pointers are a good start, but you can always visit your audiologist so they can recommend the best way to prevent your hearing loss from worsening.