Evaluating the Chances of The Big Giants

Updated on May 6, 2021

La Liga is a top-tier league with a massive fanbase across the globe. People love the league because it is seen as a beautiful league with incredible playmakers like:

  • Lionel Messi,
  • Luca Modric, 
  • Kareem Benzema and the likes. 

Good football, they say, is found in Spain.

Sports betting sites are currently experiencing various predictions regarding the remaining games of the La Liga Season. It is still uncertain what team would be lifting the cup at the end of the season with five games. Currently, Atletico Madrid takes the top position with 76 points and closely followed by Real Madrid, who is on 74 points.

Barcelona, who is behind title contenders by 3 points, is also followed closely by Sevilla. The league is still open and has not yet been concluded. Indeed, this would be a close battle, but if Atletico Madrid wins all games, they would be going home with the title. But this is football, and as we often see, anything can happen.


This title race is quite exciting because of how eventful events have turned out to be. Usually, we would have Real Madrid and Barcelona are major contenders every year. This year, teams like Sevilla and Atletico Madrid put in their best effort to make the league even more exciting.

Interestingly, now is not a good time to be emotional about placing bets on matches. 

Check out the list of Hungary betting sites. When you get a good site with fantastic betting bonuses and promos, you have to make the best out of it. Logical bets are better and have more chances of being right. The truth is you would be happy with yourself at the end of the match. 

Most bettors get to lose their bets because they stake on games based on feelings rather than facts. Bettors should understand that gambling doesn’t care about their feelings, nor would operators pay them because of that-see link. For instance, being a fan of Barcelona should make you stake Barcelona to win every time.

The Run-Ins

Now, there are five games to go for each of the four teams in the race for the title. Atletico Madrid would be hosting Elche before they go to Camp Nou to face the giants, Barcelona. Real Sociedad would be next, followed by Osasuna and Real Valladolid. Interestingly, the last two games would be easier than the first two. One way or the other, the game with Barcelona at Camp Nou would be a deciding factor for the title.

A win at Camp Nou keeps them in the race for the title. With a draw, they could quickly be hijacked out of the top position by Real Madrid. Real Madrid, technically, has three home games before going away for the last two games. They would play host to Osasuna, Sevilla and Villarreal. Granada and Athletic Club would be faced away.

For Barcelona, every game is essential. For them to remain as title contenders, they need to get all points from every game played. They would be travelling to Valencia to play Los Che and also Levante. These are two trips to the same venue for their game before facing Atletico Madrid at home. Their last two games are against Celta Vigo and Eibar, which should be an easy win, but football is where wonders always happen.

Sevilla would not do not have it easy because of how their schedule looks like. They would be playing host to Athletic Club and Alaves. For the last two games, against Real Madrid and Villarreal, they would be on the road. The underdogs would need to put in extra effort if they would love to take home the title.


Who has the easiest Run-in?

From the fixtures of the remaining games for the top four league title contenders, we can quickly tell which team has an easy run-in. First, let’s begin with which team has the toughest run-in. Underdogs Sevilla has the toughest match fixtures for the remaining games. Their last two games against Real Madrid and Villarreal could sap points from the team, mainly because they would be on the road.

Barcelona is next. Their schedule, although though, is still much easier than that of Sevilla. If the team remains focused and determined, they could pull in points from at least four games. The game against Atletico Madrid seems to be the most challenging match fixture they have.

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid have the easiest run. However, it is much easier for Madrid because they won’t be facing Barcelona in any of their last fixtures, unlike Atletico.

Great news for Fans

Fans get emotional when players get injured. The performance of a team changes when key players are not able to perform due to injury. Now, we have some positive news for you sports fans. Luis Suarez and Joao Felix are back. They are fully recovered and can now return to action. This is a crucial time for the team that is already set to win the title.

Madrid fans are already expecting the return of their captain, Sergio Ramos. Ramos is scheduled to return to action very soon, especially for the Champions League return leg at Stamford Bridge. It would be an excellent boost for the team to have the captain back.

In conclusion, Atletico Madrid is the favorite to win the league this season. Although Real Madrid is closing upon them, they can still pull through if they win the crucial match against Barcelona. This match is one that Diego Simeone and his boys should not joke about. Technically it decides if they would win the league title.

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