Enovate crafts the Best Equipment & These Hospitals Agree

Updated on March 19, 2019

The modern healthcare scenario is built on the grounds of dedication, integrity, commitment, and risk. Doctors, nurses, and surgeons are nothing less than Superheroes in white coats, and they give it all when it comes to doing their job. But sometimes, the element of luck plays a spoilsport and minutest of discrepancies lead to disastrous repercussions.

Healthcare sector is a lot more confident now—with the arrival of cutting-edge technological advancements and easy-to-use types of equipment, doctors know what they’re up to and what results their doing shall bear in the long run. There are many pioneers in the medical industry that are trying to make a difference, and Enovate Medical Computer Carts are at it with full throttle.

EHR Workstation—A Doc’s Best Friend

All doctors, surgeons, nurses and even patients are very much aware of how crucial and EHR Workstation is for the medical industry. This little (and rather bulky) device makes the patient encounters a whole lot easier. This excellent range of EHR Workstations from Enovate takes the doctor’s assistance to another level. Available in five sublime variants, Enovate has Workstation carts that every hospital can put to use.

Designed primarily to reduce nurse fatigue and maximize efficient workspace management, this range is already blessing some of the biggest hospitals. Let’s have a look at all five variants one by one.


Clinical workflow is something that can be continuously improved upon. That is why the Envoy allows you to concentrate on patients while its versatile build and all-pervasive features make it the best choice for busiest of hospitals. The Envoy is designed to minimize nurse and surgeon fatigue as it can be flexibly altered in accordance to their needs.

With features like touch display, flexible monitor arm and mobility, Envoy by Enovate is best EHR Workstation in the current biz and has been of great help to surgeons and nurses.


This lightweight aluminum base is easy to carry around, making it easy to document the patient right on the bedside. With its light build, durable exterior and mobile design, the Encore can quickly be put to use, and it won’t need an effort to drag the cart around. With a vivid LCD, handy keyboard and an ergonomic handle, the Encore is durable and straightforward for complex of rooms.


When it comes to compact EHR Workstations that are compact enough to fit the smallest of rooms, the Slimline is called upon. Covering just a 20”x20” base, it makes clinical staff’s work of free documentation a cakewalk. The Slimline is designed keeping in mind the literature and is favored by Physicians all over the place. 


In many circumstances, there isn’t enough space to drag big carts around. Due to this reason, the WallArm is a handy alternative to other cart-based EHR Workstations that have to be crawled. Saving space with an articulating arm, the WallArm is suited best for clinicians that keep a small office. It’s flexible to full extent so that patient-view isn’t interrupted due to monitor placement. The WallArm is perfect EHR Workstation, and it takes up the least amount of space.


The medical database is nothing short of a goldmine. Protecting it from a breach is extremely crucial, and the eSeries WallStation takes security matters in its own hands. This data gives power to clinicians to make a decision, and it is susceptible. In busy healthcare centers and hospitals, protecting this data is crucial. The WallStation has a sensor which locks the keyboard drawer automatically when the user moves away. One doesn’t need a key to open it up, as PIN Codes ensure a much stringent security measure.

These models from Enovate Medical computer carts are being used all across the hospitals and clinics. We’ve got some stories to share from a few of many hospitals that Enovate offers service to. Read away.

Baptist Health System

The Baptist Health System has five hospitals in Jacksonville, FL.     Maintaining a sizable group of 650 EHR Workstations and 1300 swappable MobiusPower batteries, they came up to Enovate with a problem. The issue was the workstation’s battery backup—which nurses claimed that it lasted for just two hours.

After an intrinsic study through the Rhythm software’s research, it was found that nurses were not using MobiusPower batteries the right way. Rhythm’s data showed that nurses were swapping batteries as soon as they reached 25 percent. After that, corrective measures were taken, and nurses were trained to swap batteries only after they went below 10 percent. 

Rhythm brought out a lot of helpful data—from quantifying most productive nurses, to understanding which workstations were being over-utilized and which ones were under-utilized. This highlighted nurses and revolutionized their role in patient care. Not only that, the operational cost was reduced, thanks to Rhythm’s identification process.

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

Remember the WallArm workstations that we talked about? The MedStar Montgomery went with it, and the medical center from Maryland decided on a new EHR implementation project. They wanted to go for wall mounts, and WallArms suited their requirements. They had other ideas in mind too, but one call to Enovate’s quick-response action team set the wheels in motion. 

Enovate’s team started with what they call a thorough Clinical Device Assessment. It doesn’t stop at WallArms, and Enovate’s team of experts advised MedStar what else they’d been missing. The team went through every room and picked spots to fix the WallArms EHR.

It didn’t stop there—a pilot test was conducted, and the prototype room was set up for use for one month. Feedback was recorded by Enovate team to find whether it was a good fit or not. It was after that when Team Enovate finally decided to go ahead with the project.

More than just an EHR Workstation

Enovate Medical Computer Carts are not just trolleys and dangling arms like other EHRs. These variants are technologically advanced and have a proven track record in many hospitals. Not only do they sell the product, but Enovate also offers all-around support to hospitals and clinics.

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