Dr. Frank Marghella Uses His Chiropractic Background To Be A Fitness Coach

Updated on August 22, 2022

In recent years, it has become clear that some chiropractors are branching out into other areas of health care along with helping people to alter their lifestyles for the better.

Some chiropractors are operating from combination practices. These will include the usual treatments that you would expect from a chiropractor, but with separate areas for diverse treatments. These can include areas such as lipo laser treatment for removing areas of fat and helping to give a more toned appearance.

It would seem that some patients aren’t just wanting to have chiropractic adjustments, but they want to look better as well as feel better. One emerging model here is seeing chiropractors combining fitness coaching with their usual professional activities.

Will this see chiropractors stretch themselves too thin, or are these areas complementary? And, should you use a chiropractor to improve physical fitness, or is a personal trainer much more qualified?

Shouldn’t personal trainers be handling the role of fitness coaching?

There are many very experienced personal trainers in the US today doing an excellent job. Conversely, many lack basic knowledge and are teaching bad practices. In some cases, under-qualified fitness coaches are actually using dangerous exercises that can cause injury.

The problem is, that there is no particular need for a personal trainer to gain qualifications. Personal training is unregulated on the whole, and anyone can set themselves up in this occupation.

Clearly, though, there are many very good personal trainers out there, but there is a great need for regulation and certification to be introduced.

Do chiropractors make good fitness coaches?

A Doctor of Chiropractic’s role is to help their patient’s body perform and function to its best ability. Chiropractic adjustments can help athletes achieve peak performance by aligning the spine and body accurately and improving range of motion and balance.

Chiropractors such as Dr Frank Marghella are involved in improving your overall health and not just helping with back pain. They understand how the spine and the nervous system connect and how your health can be bettered through manipulation and adjustments.

Because they have a great understanding of the musculoskeletal system, and they can help individuals recover from injury, and avoid it in the first place.

Due to this deep understanding of how certain areas of the body operate, they have a unique insight into how fitness coaching should be approached, and how best to recover from training sessions.

What are the benefits that a chiropractor can bring to fitness training?

Through their training, they will be able to help an athlete with their alignment. Without proper pelvic and spinal alignment, it will be impossible for anyone to train at their optimum level.

They will be able to bring certain areas to fitness coaching such as:

  • Spotting problems with spinal alignment
  • Assistance and advice for recovery
  • Best practices and safe exercises
  • Effective stretching routines
  • Proper warm-ups
  • Recommendations
  • Tailored exercise and diet plans

While there is little regulation in some areas of personal training, there is nothing to stop a chiropractor from being certified. They are allowed to take the CSCS examination. This is conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Here is a little more information on what chiropractors might bring to fitness coaching.

Safe practices

Some trainers advocate the no pain no gain policy with others even suggesting training through the pain. Having a qualified chiropractor coaching you means you should never be following any dangerous instructions. One of the tips for dealing with lower back pain is to stretch properly, and Dr Frank Marghella knows all about this.

Proper lifting techniques

Chiropractors understand the proper techniques for lifting. Individuals who like to lift heavy weights often experience tears and pinched nerves. Having a qualified chiropractor on hand could mean learning better techniques.

Recovery methods

They may also introduce new ideas for recovery such as massage therapy. This is known to help improve blood circulation which in turn aids recovery. Massages also release endorphins and help the individual to relax which reduces post-workout stiffness.

Tailored chiropractic exercise plans

A personal trainer is supposed to provide an exercise plan suited to the individual they are coaching. Chiropractors already do this as part of their main role. Designing customized exercise and weight loss plans is part of the chiropractor’s responsibilities.


Anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and health should exercise. You should consider taking on a personal trainer when you want a service that is tailored to your fitness levels and goals.

It could be then that a chiropractor is a better choice, especially if you have some issues with your back, knees, or pelvis. Chiropractors can help you to achieve the fitness goals you seek while doing so safely.

It could be that shortly patients see fitness coaching as a supplementary service of chiropractors so that they can achieve better function combined with improved fitness levels.

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