Does Hair Loss Mean You Have Low Testosterone?

Updated on March 22, 2022

Hair loss is one of the most frustrating signs of aging for many men. The onset of baldness as you age can seriously impact your appearance and confidence. Various factors contribute to balding, and there are many theories as to why balding occurs. Men tend to ask if low T or low testosterone is to blame for their thinning hair, one of the most common questions.

Hair loss and TRT

What is the connection between trt and hair loss, and is hair loss a sign of low testosterone? It doesn’t have an easy answer to this question, but the more you understand how low T and hair loss are connected, the easier it will be for you to find a solution to help you regain that beautiful full head of hair you always dreamed of.

Male Pattern Hair Loss – The Main Causes

Males are more likely to suffer hair loss than females, unfortunately. The idea that testosterone may be related to hair loss first came about. But this correlation is more complicated than it seems. It won’t magically stop balding nor grow back your hair if you raise your testosterone levels. Hormones do, however, impact hair loss. Balding or thinning hair in men is caused primarily by three factors:

There are many reasons for baldness and hair loss, but perhaps this is the most common. There is no option you can do to escape from the natural process of baldness if it’s hereditary and runs in your family and you are genetically predisposed to it.

An imbalance of hormones, such as low testosterone levels, can cause several hair problems and contribute to a variety of other health problems as well.

Age is another common cause for which you have no control. You are more likely to suffer from thinning hair or hair loss as you age. Approximately one-third of men begin losing their hair by age 45, and almost at the age of  70, all men experience some form of hair loss.

The relationship between trt and hair loss

The link between testosterone and hair loss isn’t always direct. Still, there are some connections between the two, so this testosterone replacement therapy has become popular among men. It is important to remember that low testosterone often affects the hair on the chest, arms, legs, and face rather than the hair on top of the head. In addition, low testosterone levels are often associated with other symptoms that can make hair loss appear much less important. A low T level can lead to fatigue, body fat gain, depression, erectile dysfunction, lethargy, and low libido.

A testosterone replacement through pellets, creams, or patches may help you regain your confidence and prevent hair loss in some instances. The foremost thing you must do is find out if you have low T levels.

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