What To Know When Starting Your Doula Business

Updated on March 22, 2022
What To Know When Starting Your Doula Business

Something most people don’t realize about being a doula is that often, you are your own business. You want to get out there and help expectant mothers! But you must cater to the business side of things first. This can seem intimidating, but don’t worry. Here’s what to know when starting your doula business.

Offer To Volunteer

A substantial part of your doula certification happens at a desk, so getting real-world experience is vital to becoming the doula expectant mothers speak highly of. Reach out to other doulas or pregnancy care centers in your area and ask if they are looking for volunteers or inquire about shadowing opportunities. This helps you to not only develop your skills but also make your presence known amongst your peers.

Be Adaptable

If you have not created one already, it is important as a doula to have a basic checklist of supplies you’ll need, both prepartum and postpartum. Even then, you will come to realize that no pregnancy is the same; the needs of your clients may vary vastly, and this requires your adaptability to adjust your checklist per mother and baby. This shows that you are a doula who knows how to curate the birthing experience specific to each client, increasing your favorability.

Build Social Media Presence

You simply cannot ignore the importance of your business having a strong social media presence. With mommy blogs seeing no drop in popularity, this is important to know when starting your doula business. You will want to start with a business Instagram or Facebook to help connect you locally and make it easier for potential clients and peers to follow you!

Offer Your Services for Free

This may seem antithetical to starting your business, but it can help you grow quickly. A huge plus is you will really get the experience of what working on your own as a doula will feel like. This is quite helpful, as you can tweak your approach before going official. Further, you are garnering even more real-life skills while also spreading the word about your new doula business.