Doctor Reputation Tips for Physicians

Updated on September 20, 2019

As a physician, it is a good idea to consider online marketing as this will help you reach a larger audience. This is because many people use the internet to find information about different things. The internet is very influential and it is good to ensure that you have a good online reputation. 

Some physicians make the mistake of neglecting their online reputation. What physicians don’t know is the fact that a doctor’s online reputation can influence a prospective new patient’s decision. As such, it is good for a physician to take care of his or her online reputation. Apart from our previous articles in this series (some listed below), here are the 5 ways to manage online reputation (complete article) as listed by the VelSEOity:

1. Google Yourself

2. Correct mistakes and false information

3. Create original content

4. Embrace constructive criticism

5. Address actionable items

Apart from the ways mentioned by the American Medical News, there are other ways for a physician to build his or her online reputation. Don’t assume that offering quality clinical services and meeting the needs of your patients are enough to build your reputation. Keep in mind that awareness will help make the best reputation visible. Here are ways to improve your reputation as a physician:

Try listing your practice on local directory listings. Your practice and personal information is ideal for reference pages like Yelp, Google My Business, Local listings and so on.

Create your online profile. Make sure that your directory listings are complete. You also need to update your listing. If possible, build descriptions and profiles using simple, clear language that provides texture, depth, and personality.

Encourage your patients to write reviews. You can do this by making it easy for them to rate their experience. Check these sites regularly and reply appropriately to online patient reviews.

Expand your online opportunities. Diversify your digital presence through Facebook, a blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and other related platforms.

Share your original content on other sites and online publications

Work it weekly. People do many things online and it may be a good idea to find out what they like to deliver quality content.

According to a certain observer, it is not possible to opt out of reputation management. As a physician, you have the tools and opportunity to create a good reputation both online and in person. However, remember that creating a good reputation is not always easy and requires some effort. The good thing is that creating a good online reputation is not very expensive. 

So, you can enjoy the benefits of a good reputation without having to spend a lot. If you would like to find out more about online reputation management for physicians, read other articles in this series including 10 Commandments of Online Reputation Management for Physicians.

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