Do You Love the Company of Senior People? Here’s How to Make Money out of It

Updated on March 4, 2020

There is no question about it; the world population is aging. By 2050, 16 percent of the world population will be 65 and older. 

An aging population presents many challenges. Key among them is dependency. The elderly are a lovable bunch, but when they grow too frail or sick, their families struggle to take care of them while holding their day jobs.

If you enjoy interacting with old people, you could make a career out of it. Here’s how to make some money out of your love.

1. Experience is Necessary

It will be hard for most people to trust you with their loved one if you have no prior experience working with the elderly. Senior citizens have unique needs and require special attention because they may have physical and mental challenges.

If you have never interacted with this group of the population, you will find it difficult to relate or cope with them. Begin by getting close to the elderly around you. These may be grandparents or even neighbors. Offer to spend time with them at home or to accompany them to a doctor’s appointment. 

This will allow you a better understanding of their day to day challenges and will prepare you for a future role as a caregiver.

2. Get Some Training

You sure do not need an advanced degree to be able to take care of an older person, but some form of training can go a long way. Taking a first aid course can help you deal with common household accidents and can even be the difference between life and death in some situations.

But that’s not all the training you will need. A certificate III in aged care is invaluable in preparing you for the industry. The course will help you develop skills and abilities that are necessary for success. The good thing is that this course can be undertaken online.

3. Register With a Service Provider

You might not like the idea of being employed, and you might not even earn top dollar working under someone, but it might be necessary when you want to get your feet wet.

This will give you insights into how the industry works and will equip you with the know-how that would otherwise take you long to acquire. Your employer might also offer you additional training which will make you a more accomplished caregiver.

4. Start Small

Fancy the idea of running a grand agency with lots of employees and a huge office block? Lots of people do, but you must start somewhere.

The idea is to start small as you look for opportunities to grow. It is all about having the end in mind as Stephen Covey puts it.

The easiest way to start is to ask for recommendations from family and friends. Also, do not shy away from scouting the neighborhood for opportunities. The truth is that demand for eldercare services is at an all-time high, and it is not coming down any time soon.

In the US alone, 10,000 people turn 65 each day. Even more interesting is that by 2030, 18% of the nation will be 65 and older.

Even if the jobs you get at first will not be high paying ones, grab them with appreciation and be great at them. This will be your source of exposure and could even enable you to get referrals to higher-paying jobs.

5. Advertise Your Services

Granted, you may not have a sizeable advertising budget. But you must make yourself known. Luckily, this does not always call for big bucks.

 An effective way of reaching your local community is by placing well-done posters in public spaces with notice boards such as churches, libraries or restaurants. 

Social media is also an affordable avenue of getting your message across. Begin by creating a Linkedin Profile and a Facebook page and list your contacts and areas of interest for people to find you easily.

Do Not Be Afraid to Start

While money should not be your motivation, it is fulfilling to get paid for doing something that you love. To package yourself as a capable individual, make sure you have the right training before you venture out. Give the job your all and success will not be a long way off.

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