Different types of auto flowers

Updated on July 15, 2021

Cannabis intake and growing have been legalized in most European and American countries and states. This legalization has led to a significant emergence of cannabis growers. Hence different and new strains of cannabis have been established in recent years. These strains range from the strong and flavorful to the productive and stealthy. There are many unique and stunning types to choose from. Auto-flowering cannabis is one of the most convenient seeds to grow. They require less maintenance and are easy to grow. Also, they can be grown indoors or outdoor. You can check out at https://ilgm.com/collections/autoflowering-seeds to know different auto-flowering seeds.

Listed below are some of the different types of auto flowers.

  • White window

The White window is one of the most famous types of cannabis in the world. It lies higher on the Sativa side. It is easy to grow and does not require extra maintenance to have the flowers o bloom. This auto-flowering seed is convenient for both indoor and outdoor. This strain is exceptionally effective, thus why it’s one of the most known in the world.

Additionally, it gives a different kind of euphoria and energy, thus does not make you drowsy. Moreover, it has an appealing aroma; however, the flavor does not match up. Finally, this strain is known for boosting creativity and the mental buzz necessary for creative and artists.

  • Blueberry

Blueberry seeds are an 80% Indica dominant seed. This strain is a great auto seed that does exceptionally well indoors. It is known to be a forgiving seed. Meaning it rarely dries up on you. As long as the mistakes are fixed during growing, the plant will bloom with little maintenance.

Additionally, the blueberry Indica dominant is good when you need to take off stress. It helps remove the edge off. Also, it has a blueberry flavor which all depends on personal preference. However, this strain is more likely to give you a dry mouth; thus, it is necessary to ensure you take it with a drink.

  • Super skunk

 Super skunk is also another autoflowering seed that is easy to grow with low maintenance. It is convenient for both indoor and outdoor spaces for growth. It takes around eight weeks from planting time to harvest time. This strain is most effective when you need some physical relaxation. It leaves you feeling sedated after taking it. Also, it helps you clear your head. This strain has a fruity taste—however, an awful smell just like the name.

  • Gorilla glue.

This type of marijuana is suitable for medical use due to its high levels of THC. It among the most common strains in the world. It helps in relieving pain and gives a soothing effect. This strain is easy to grow indoors and outdoors and t is resistant to mold and mildew. However, this strain is a lower yield compared to others. Also, this strain causes paranoia effects to its smokers.

  • Zkittlez 

This strain is also heavy on THC. It has 70 percent indicia and 30% Sativa hence lying heavily on the Indica dominant side. This strain grows well on the window sills. Also, it does excellent in small spaces. It has a sweet smell and aroma. Also, it emits no odor when growing. However, it causes paranoia and dizziness.

In conclusion, there are many and different types of auto-flowering seeds in the world. They all have other effects, as shown in the above listed. Also, most are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth.

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