Four Reasons Why Environmental Health is Important for Human Existence

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Environmental health is a necessitating factor in the wellbeing of humanity because, without a healthy environment, humans are bound to face numerous consequences. To live healthy lives, we need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Along with this, we need various food supplies from healthy plants and other natural resources in staple amounts to enjoy a sound and fit lifestyle. But just like the environment has its impact on human health, humanity also has a heavy influence on the environment. Every choice we make as individuals, families, or communities affects our surroundings and impacts the environment.


Excellent and well-maintained environmental health is essential because it directly affects our health in the long term. According to several research and studies, our surroundings and environment influence our quality and length of life. Around 1/4th of the death ratio is caused by environmental issues, which we could avoid only by being a little more careful. Several countries have passed the bill to ensure a healthy environment to promote the wellbeing of humanity. It is high time we all understand the crucial need to keep our atmosphere hygienic. Otherwise, we will have to face the lethal magnitudes of the increasing ecological concerns. Let’s have a look at how worsening environmental health impacts human life:

  1. Increasing Intake of Hazardous Substances

Children worldwide are now at the risk of being exposed to hazardous substances present in polluted water and air. Industrial wastages are one of the most significant sources of dangerous gasses like nitrogen dioxide, which can cause several diseases when absorbed for a long time. After the government’s pressure and legislative fines, factories hire experts to help them navigate through the issue and cause less trouble. In addition, today, companies are more focused on industrial hygiene to protect their employees and other people. Companies are hiring professionals like industrial hygienists to control the situation.

Moreover, there is an increase in demand for these professionals. That is the reason more people want to join this field to advance their careers. Online education made it easier for working professionals to perform their regular activities along with their studies. Aspirants can opt for an online industrial hygiene degree that helps them understand the issues about environmental health.

  1. Lower Life Expectancy

Breathing in unclean air can cause shortening of lifespan – the contaminated air has gaseous pollutants, making it easier for infections and viruses to enter the human body. Research projects have suggested that ninety percent of humankind worldwide suffers from health and breathing issues because of unclean air. The most common air pollution causes are industrial waste, excessive vehicles, domestic wastages, and plastic discards. 

According to reports from World Health Organization, around 8 million people die due to ailments caused by polluted air. This ratio is much bigger than many other causes of death – such as road accidents or old age. Child mortality is also one of the major consequences of exposure to these contaminations, which cause neurological delays and lead to developmental issues like ADHD and Autism. Even in elderlies, the impact on brain activity can cause Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s syndromes. These ailments lead to lower life expectancy, causing a rise in the number of deaths all across the globe.

  1. The Emergence of Unknown Ailments

The reason behind several health issues is the increasing pollution in the surroundings causing environmental health to decline. Even the natural food we get from plants and animals is now contaminated enough to lose most of its nutritional properties. Contaminated water from sewage, industrial expulsion, and agricultural waste has caused several to suffer from diseases like polio and typhoid. Now, these ailments are exponentially multiplying into even severe conditions, causing a deterioration in the neurological, respiratory, and reproductive systems of humans. Undiscovered problems like pesticide poisoning, viruses like Corona, and cancerous illnesses like lymphoma are all causes of worsening environmental health. However, natural products like plants and herbs, which science and pharmaceuticals have proven to be medicine for many ailments, are also contaminated. Many plants are now under threat of going extinct, causing the planet to lose major drugs rapidly.

  1. Climate Change

It is essential to ensure good environmental health, affecting human wellbeing and safety regarding natural calamities. One of the major problems catalyzing environmental health is climate change, posing major risks to human physical and mental health. Not only this, unprepared and rapid climate change invites natural disasters such as floods, storms, and tornadoes. According to science, the climate is becoming warmer and warmer each day. With pollution, the ozone layer is so damaged that it is becoming a challenge to fight off harmful sun rays. All this leads to an increase in temperature. When the temperature rises, the water vapor in the air reaches the clouds causing them to form a force of great magnitude, leading to heavy storms and rainfall. These often turn into floods and tornadoes, damaging people, harming their agricultural growth and livestock. Recovering from these disasters is not an easy task and requires unparalleled energy and effort.


We can avoid all these traumatic changes around us only if we are a little more cautious about our actions. You can start by limiting the use of hazardous and toxic substances, especially unknown chemicals. Opting for organic skin and hair products, they are much safer for you and the environment. We can minimize the use of a vehicle, use a bicycle, or carpooling whenever possible. Lastly, and most importantly, recycling your clothes, shoes, domestic applications, and plastic.

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