Diets that have a High Success Rate

Updated on November 8, 2019

You have probably heard of more diets than you can count. Some diets focus on calorie restriction, reducing your appetite, or only eating certain types of foods. Whatever diet you choose, your main priority is to lose weight and become healthier. What works for one person may not work for you. However, there are specific diets that have gained popularity because they have worked for the majority of people who try them.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is based on foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before food became highly processed. You won’t find any pictures of an ancient man with a beer belly. The plan consists of lean proteins like chicken, fish, and beef and vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Any processed food that comes from a box is discouraged, and sugar, grains, and dairy are also not part of the diet. With restricted carbs, you’ll drop weight fast, but it can be challenging to maintain for a long time. This is the perfect diet if you need to lose a lot of weight to fit into your wedding dress!

Vegan Diet

This diet restricts all animal products, and it is a stricter form of vegetarianism. Vegans also eliminate dairy, eggs, and products that come from animals, including honey and casein. The diets are high in fiber that helps you feel fuller longer. Further, the menus are highly nutritious and low in saturated fat. Living as a vegan is more of a lifestyle than a diet since all of your daily food intakes are plant-based. You may need to supplement certain nutrients from Bioflex Nutrition that are only available in animal products such as calcium, omega fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin b-12. If you choose this diet, you will need to wean off the meat so your body can adjust gradually. You will have better success sticking to the changes this way. There are also many ways to prepare vegan foods that taste like your favorite meat recipes. You can always start a vegetarian diet, and move to complete vegan as time progresses.

Keto Diet

The keto diet, with its intermittent fasting, has increased in popularity recently. Ketogenic diets are low-carb, moderate protein, and high fat. Another staple of these programs involves intermittent fasting. You will start your day by drinking coffee mixed with coconut oil and butter, or you can also make hot cocoa with the same ingredients. The diet includes eating two larger meals within a specified time frame. For example, the time frames can be between 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm. After the second meal, you will not eat again until the following day. The low carbohydrates and large time-space between meals will force your body to burn fat, especially from the abdominal area. This diet is successful if you are busy and do not have a lot of time to prepare meals. It’s perfect for the working professional that has kids.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet is loaded with lots of vegetables and fish. It’s successful because it promotes digestion and controls blood sugar. Fish is also low in cholesterol compared to its protein counterparts. Controlled blood sugar will prevent the temptation to snack on high-calorie snacks. The Mediterranean diet also recommends preparing food with oil instead of butter or marinades. Fish paired with herbs and whole grains will create a calorie deficit to increase weight loss.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan is a version of a high-protein, low-carb diet split into different phases. You’ll have periods of weight loss and maintenance phases. During the weight loss phase, you’ll eat high-protein foods and oat bran until you reach your desired goal. The maintenance phase is not as restrictive, and you can add carbs and fat. This diet works well because it allows some flexibility and variety in meals.

Whatever diet you decide to embark on requires consistency. There is no perfect diet, but you should pick one that matches your lifestyle. Choose a diet that you will be able to stick with for at least 30 days. Remember that you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You will undoubtedly have some bumps in the road, but stay focused on the result.

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