Modafinil Tolerance And How To Avoid It

Updated on August 9, 2021

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Modafinil’s popularity among other nootropic drugs is due to the fact that it has been proven time and again to be safe for long-term intake.

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It not only treats a number of sleep disorders, but is also quite a powerful wakefulness agent. As with any long-term substance exposure, there comes the danger of developing tolerance to the drug, making previous dosage weak or ineffective in achieving the desired effect. Is there a way to avoid having to take greater amounts of the stimulant after we have been exposed to it in the long term? Let’s take a look at some facts.

First, What Is It?

If you are not familiar with the class of substances, classified as nootropics or wakefulness-promoting drugs, their main and most popular representative is Provigil, also known as Modafinil. You can read more about it here. It not only improves conditions such as sleep apnea and related disorders but has been known to deliver positive outcomes in patients with ADHD and problematic behavior patterns. 

What it has most been used for, however, is a brain-booster. It is the go-to stimulant for students, people who lead active lives or undergo strenuous physical or mental activity. It is also for those who work a demanding, high-pace job that requires complete focus around the clock, and studies have shown up to a 50 per cent increase in a person’s ability to remain awake when supplementing. Sleep also tends to be a lot less disturbed by incidents and health conditions.

Provigil Effects And Patterns Of Abuse

When we talk about stimulants of any kind, one thing they have in common is the fact that they affect dopamine release in the brain. A higher level of dopamine leads to elevated feelings of alertness, euphoria, and above all, energy. The more individuals experience the positive changes in mood, stamina and focus, the larger the danger of getting hooked to the state.  

The patterns of abuse, associated with most amphetamine drugs are not really observed in this case, as the stimulant is generally deemed completely safe even with prolonged exposure. But they might be involved in why Modafinil doesn’t work. That is why, when it comes to people who have some history of addiction to supplements or certain over-the-counter medications, physicians usually exercise caution in prescribing the nootropic. While the main symptom of reduced effectiveness is a simple return of sleepiness, and few people have developed any sort of dependency on the substance, the danger of relying on ever-increasing doses in order to maintain a state calls for corrective actions.

Effectiveness And Side Effects

Once again, when taken as prescribed, there should be no reasons for concern. Yet, those who do start to feel like they need to up the intake in order to get the results they initially had, might want to discuss the occurrence with their physician in order to make sure they are still getting all the desired benefits. Sleepiness as the effect gradually wears off is normal. However, if it is accompanied by fatigue, mood swings or poor sleep, chances are the individual intake might need to be adjusted, as it is likely the body has started to adapt to the current amount taken.

It should be stressed here that tolerance is not the same as addiction, nor should it be treated as such. Also, it does not imply the presence of withdrawal symptoms once use is discontinued. It just so happens that the body might respond less and less with repeated exposure, or it might get really good at eliminating the drug from its system. And that will naturally lead to a decrease in effectiveness. Whether or not you experience this decrease is one of the most important Modafinil questions (see here: you need to ask yourself. Luckily, a number of steps are available to help avoid that.

Limiting Usage And Cycling

There are various ways to prevent losing the brain-booster effects in the long run. One way to extend the beneficial influence without taking an extra dose in the middle of the day when supplementing regularly, is by splitting the pill into two equal parts for an increased wakefulness period. Limiting intake to several times per week or month at times when greater mental focus is required, helps deviate from forming a possible pattern that would make our body expect that next pill or depend on it. Check out this article for more tips on how to be successful at that.

A really smart way to use nootropics is by cycling them, switching between periods of use and ones of a break from stimulants. These cycles can be either weeks or months, depending on whether the person is a student cramming for an exam session, or a person who plays sports or has a dynamic job. Breaks can vary from a week to a couple of months, making it impossible for the body to get hooked on the dopamine levels and energy upsurge, as the body quickly re-adjusts to its original biochemistry.

Magnesium And Modafinil Substitutes

Users often report that magnesium supplementation not only affects their brain health but also gets rid of the factors that work towards developing tolerance. It has been shown to affect receptors in the brain which are responsible for excitability, and which are involved in tolerance, addictive behaviors and developing withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from cycling periods in nootropic use, cycling supplements turns out to be just as effective. You can find a great list of stimulant alternatives online. Changing a stimulant before it lingers in our system for too long is a surefire way to experience only the positive side effects of Modafinil use. Loofor alternatives, then after a period of time return to your favorite choice of boosting substance. 

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