Cut the Excess Weight with these Procedures

Updated on January 5, 2021

Weight management is part of a healthy lifestyle. You will notice a sudden improvement in your quality of life if you maintain a healthy weight. There are different weight-loss strategies to help you manage weight. Kalpana Desai, MD is a leading specialist in weight management in Lady Lake. Below are ways through which you can shed those extra pounds.

Importance of Weight Loss Management

Obesity is a major risk factor in many dangerous conditions. Having too much weight puts you at risk of:

●       Obstructive sleep apnea

●       Breathing problems

●       Gallstones

●       High blood pressure

●       High cholesterol

●       Elevated blood sugar levels

The listed conditions can lead to other deadly medical issues that will make you dependent on management medications. Diabetes, cancers, heart issues, and arthritis are just a few issues that may arise due to excess weight. Obesity can also affect your self-esteem as it influences your looks.

Integrated Family Medical Center offers customized treatments to help reduce your weight over time to recommended levels. Additionally, your doctor will provide you with weight management procedures that will regenerate your vitality and stimulate you to reach the highest points of a healthy lifestyle.

How does a doctor help you reduce weight?

Integrated Family Medical Center offers weight loss programs customized for your body type. The programs help reset your body’s metabolism to stabilize and achieve the right weight overtime.

Your doctor will offer a one-on-one session to explain your needs and what you wish to accomplish with the treatment. Additionally, the doctor will offer support and education and give you all the benefits and side effects of the weight management program. The instruction given is geared towards helping you continue with healthy practices that will continue to push you towards a healthy body. Your nutrition coach will assist you in the following ways:

●       Identify your current diet and how you can switch to a healthier diet 

●       Teaching you to have a personalized food plan that will encourage gradual weight loss

●       Making better choices about your health and understand the impact of overindulging in non-healthy diets

Your doctor’s programs also include a series of injectable treatments apart from diet and lifestyle management. Your doctor will offer you an HCG hormone that will triple your weight loss capacity within a week. Further, the hormone eliminates the feeling of hunger that continually leads you to a poor diet.

Integrated Family Medical Center offers medications that help you lose only the fat and not the helpful muscles. 

Uses of HCG in weight management

HCG is a natural body hormone that the body produces when you are pregnant. The hormone does not influence sexual behavior and can help both men and women reduce weight. The hormone is geared to help the brain to control the release of excess fat.

Drop that excess weight and have an excellent looking body by seeking Integrated Family Medical Center’s cutting edge treatments. Schedule your appointment by calling the office or book online.

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