CTO CareCloud Adeel Sarwar Is Now Part Of Forbes’ Technology Council

Updated on February 23, 2023

The Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for senior-level technology executives. The respected tech leaders who make up the Forbes Technology Council include CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs. The council members are selected based on their accomplishments and technological industry contributions. The members of the Forbes Technology Council are experienced leaders who provide a distinct perspective on technological trends, business models, and the future of work. The three pillars of value that the members of the Forbes Elite Business Communities receive are connections, visibility, and growth.  

The Members of the Forbes Technology Council have significant roles in their organizations’ development and success because they manage engineering departments, collaborate with teams worldwide, and lead initiatives to create new, cutting-edge hardware and software. Members of the Forbes Technology Council are impacting a wide range of industries worldwide, including education, healthcare, software development, and fashion. They receive assistance from the Forbes Council’s concierge team as members of the organization, which works to connect them with useful resources and other members.

Recently, the Forbes Technology Council added Mr. Adeel Sarwar, Chief Technology Officer for CareCloud amongst their respectable members. 

Mr. Adeel Sarwar is a highly experienced CTO and results-driven leader in Healthcare IT. They have successfully led the planning, development, migration, and implementation of several enterprise-scale EHR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Experience Management, and Home Healthcare Systems. He is an outcome-driven leader who excels at enterprise strategic planning, product management, and meeting business objectives. His hands-on technical skills, Healthcare IT experience, and business acumen qualify them to plan strategically, lead day-to-day operations, and scale a technology-based company from startup to greatness.

In addition to strengthening CareCloud’s dynamic leadership team, Mr. Adeel Sarwar’s membership in the Forbes Technology Council is a significant acknowledgment of Adeel Sarwar’s contributions to the industry. By allowing members to publish their writings on Forbes.com, the council gives members privileged access to research, training, and networking opportunities with other industry professionals.

As the responsibility of a chief technology officer (CTO) is to oversee an organization’s technical operations and ensures they support the company’s expansion goals. Additionally, they will manage technical resources and ensure they are toward technological advancement. Undoubtedly, Mr. Sarwar has proven himself the best CTO CareCloud company could have. 

Mr. Adeel Sarwar, who has worked for CareCloud for 18 years, is essential to the company’s goal of assisting healthcare providers in embracing the next wave of technology. He has concentrated on moving the sector away from conventional tools and toward automation-driven technology that aids providers in maximizing their revenue cycle.

The commitment of Mr. Adeel Sarwar to drive automated technology is visible throughout CareCloud’s suite of services, which can streamline administrative processes, improve workflows, and improve the Patient Experience. These technologies can improve Revenue Cycle Management by analyzing patient data quickly and automatically identifying key information like demographics, insurance coverage, and medical history. Artificial intelligence tools can help patients register, answer common questions, and schedule appointments. Robotic Process Automation bots are used for tedious claim-scrubbing tasks. They can access payer websites, search for claims, check a claim’s status, and take the next appropriate step in the revenue cycle process based on the claim’s status.

Mr. Adeel Sarwar, CTO of CareCloud, exclaimed that joining the Forbes Technology Council and sharing advancements with technology-enabled solutions with his peers is an honor. While talking about his work he emphasized on how technology is the foundation of a successful Revenue Cycle Management strategy because it allows for the automation and optimization of the billing process, which improves accuracy, efficiency, and, ultimately, the financial performance of healthcare organizations. This saves healthcare providers time and money while streamlining the patient experience, eventually making everyone happier.

CareCloud Fetching Disciplined Innovation from the Past Two Decades to the Healthcare Business 

CareCloud is a cloud-based healthcare technology company that offers practices a platform for managing patients, billing, and operations. The company leverages innovations from the last two decades to bring discipline and efficiency to healthcare businesses. 

Here are a few ways CareCloud is leveraging innovation in healthcare: 

  • Cloud-based Technology: CareCloud uses cloud computing to provide practices with secure, accessible, and scalable technology solutions.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): CareCloud Charts is a comprehensive EHR solution that enables practices to manage patient information and improve patient care securely.
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): CareCloud Concierge is a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solution thatreduces the number of denied claims and boosts revenue by automating and optimizing billing and payment processes. 
  • Practice Management (PM): The CareCloud Central platform assists practices with appointment scheduling, billing, insurance claims, and other administrative tasks.
  • Patient Experience Management (PXM): Appointment reminders, secure messaging, and patient portals are just a few of the patient communication tools that CareCloud Breeze offers to practices.
  • Healthcare Analytics: Utilizing data analytics and insights, the platform from CareCloud gives practices the tools they need to make better decisions and streamline their processes. 

CareCloud is actively helping healthcare organizations streamline their operations, deliver better patient care, and enhance revenue cycle performance by utilizing these and other technology-enabled solutions. Healthcare IT Experts recommend CareCloud for high-volume medical practices that require a simple workflow, as well as medical practices that require a hands-on consultative approach.  

To learn more about them visit their website https://www.carecloud.com/   

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