CareCloud to Explore New Business Opportunities at Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai, Leveraging Its Digital Health Expertise

Updated on February 23, 2023

“Extending well past telehealth, McKinsey now estimates that $265 billion worth of Medicare health services could shift to the home by 2025.”


At the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, happening from January 30th to February 2nd at the Dubai World Trade Centre, CareCloud – a leading health IT service firm, plans to network with other businesses and share their expertise in the field of digital health.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Arab Health Exhibition

With over 50,000 anticipated visitors, 3,000 exhibitors from 70 countries, and nine medical seminars approved for continuing medical education (CME) accredited, this event is poised to be the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

At 4:30 p.m. GST on January 31st at the exhibition’s Intelligent Health Pavillion, Ali Zeeshan, director of digital marketing at CareCloud, will speak on digital health transformation and connected health. Zeeshan will utilize CareCloud’s knowledge of digital technology implementation, specifically regarding remote patient monitoring and its efficacy in enhancing healthcare delivery.

The Dissimilarities Between US & UAE Healthcare Systems

The US healthcare system, CareCloud’s target market, is comparatively exclusive, private, and high-priced, which is also well-known for its cutting-edge medical research and advanced medical technology. 

On the other hand, Dubai’s healthcare system is government-funded and ensures that all residents of Dubai have access to high-quality medical treatment at low rates. It is also known for its advanced medical facilities.

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UAE Emphasizing on Digital Health Adoption

The healthcare industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has benefited from substantial funding and government support for infrastructure expansion. Now they’re trying to digitize healthcare by passing laws and establishing programs that encourage the use of technology and digital solutions to increase efficiency and quality patient care.

Why Is UAE Showing Interest in Digital Health?

It’s common knowledge that the pandemic greatly accelerated the process of digitizing our lives, with the widespread adoption of teleconferencing being the most visible sign of this shift. Nonetheless, that’s only the beginning. 

The advent of digital healthcare is the most notable shift, which is excellent news for everyone. Medical applications of digital technologies have the potential to greatly accelerate their healthcare system’s pursuit of its four main goals—better patient outcomes, better patient experiences, better provider experiences, and lower costs.

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  • Patients can get the care they need sooner and in higher quality thanks to digital health platforms. Simultaneously, these platforms are paving the way for individuals to take greater responsibility for their health, lessening medical institutions’ load.
  • Through consistent monitoring and tracking of symptoms, individuals can better take charge of their health using digital health technologies. 
  • Quick, direct, and shared access to the patient’s current health status improves communication and fosters a culture of trust and openness between the patient and physician.
  • Healthcare providers’ time spent on paperwork and other routine tasks can be automated with the help of new digital advancements. As a result, they will have more time to spend with each patient. 
  • Thanks to portable, clinical-grade technologies, patients can share their health data with their healthcare provider whenever convenient.
  • Clinics and their patients benefit from lower costs related to disease management thanks to accessible, low-cost medical technologies.
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CareCloud’s Digital Health Experience – Transforming the Care Delivery Dynamics

When it comes to digital health in the United States, CareCloud stands out. Since its introduction in early 2022, the company has progressively expanded its range of digital health solutions. By combining home healthcare technologies like chronic care management and remote patient monitoring, the digital health suite known as CareCloud Wellness helps forward-thinking practices move into the next generation of healthcare.

The CareCloud Digital Health wellness suite is designed to foster innovative procedures for the future of medical treatment. Join the revolution as business moves away from transactional to relational interactions. 

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CareCloud’s Digital Health wellness suite includes the following:

  1. Chronic Care Management (CCM)

It improves treatment for patients with ongoing health issues while expanding your business. With a committed group of care coordinators, you can boost patient satisfaction and reduce hospitalizations and readmissions by regularly engaging and teaching patients about their health.

  1. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Instead of waiting until a scheduled follow-up appointment to make evidence-based healthcare decisions, you can get real-time data and historical insights using cellular-connected devices. Make the provider-patient relationship more than just a transaction.

About CareCloud 

CareCloud (Nasdaq: CCLD, CCLDP, CCLDO) brings new ideas to the healthcare industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer a wide variety of services that boost our customers’ bottom lines, internal operations, and the quality of care provided to patients. Over 40,000 physicians use CareCloud because it improves patient care while reducing time spent on paperwork and costs. Find out more about their many offerings, including revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management (PM), electronic health records (EHR), healthcare analytics and business intelligence (Precision BI), telehealth, and patient experience management (PXM), by visiting

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