Covid 19 Virus in Male Genitals Long After Recovery: Here’s What to Know

Updated on August 14, 2021

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A study conducted in the University of Miami broke global news when they concluded that Covid 19 Virus is affecting males long after they recovered from it. And it is causing an alarming condition in the males- erectile dysfunction. While it is widely known that the disease which originated in China in 2019, severely affects the lung, heart and kidney, this new study further sketches the details of further damage to the body. The study establishes that just as endothelial tissues of the lung, kidney and heart are adversely affected, the human penis, specifically the erectile tissue which is rich in endothelial lined blood vessels also gets affected.  

Okay. But What to Do Next?

If you live in South Florida and have been affected by Covid 19 and experiencing the symptoms of ED, then you must wait no further and consult with Gousse Urology for ED Diagnosis & Treatment Options. . It is quite possible that the underlying cause of your ED might not be related to Covid 19, however it is better to get it checked by an expert physician. In this article, we will look at some of the dietary and lifestyle changes that can be made for you to help combat this condition, take a look. 

What should your diet look like?

  1. Choose whole grain foods. A study titled Massachusetts Male Aging Study pointed that eating whole grains foods like Buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, millet and corn should be included in your diet on a daily basis.
  2. The study also suggested eating at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that might escape your everyday diet. 
  3. Lean meats like poultry and fish can be consumed in moderation and red meats should be avoided. Red meats are rich in saturated fats which increases the cholesterol levels in the blood. Over time cholesterol levels lead to clogged arteries which aggravates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

What are the lifestyle changes I should bring about?

The major lifestyle change one should bring about is to quit smoking if you do. As is widely known, smoking has a direct correlation with heart diseases. Impairment in the functioning of heart and blood pressure is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction which makes smoking not worth the risk. Therefore, it should be avoided altogether. 

Another change is to quit the sedentary lifestyle and become more physically active. Now a physically active lifestyle is not easy especially post covid where several people reported low energy levels. However, starting with small steps and gradually increasing your strength and endurance will help you overcome the symptoms of ED naturally. Slow and low impact physical activities could be gardening, walking and even cleaning around the house gradually working your way up to intensive activities such as jogging or swimming. Physical activity will also help in regulating your blood pressure and maintaining heart health- both beneficial for mitigating symptoms of ed as discussed earlier.  

What to expect at the Doctor’s when getting treated for ED?

Since the study cropped up, special emphasis is being given to Covid 19 related medical history of the patient. Therefore, during a thorough medical evaluation, do make it a point to bring your Covid-19 diagnosis and related documentation, prescription or any other point that you deem necessary. The doctors will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and may ask you several questions including the frequency of sexual activity, your alcohol intake, your diet and questions related to any medical issue that you have had in the past. They may also question you about any recreational drug that you may be using or may have used in the past. 

The urologist might also suggest a physical examination, one or several blood tests or an ultrasound to gain a firm grip over your condition. There is no point in being awkward or shy about an impaired condition of the body especially if it has been caused by a global pandemic. The key here is to be honest about your condition to feel better soon. 

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