Compensation Management Software – A Roadmap to its Key Benefits and Types


Of late the direction and complexity with regards to compensation management apps are expanding. Now developers are designing it to increasingly deliver a compensation management approach in its entirety in a broader perspective. It has taken a higher strategic view when it comes to the rewards and incentives of every employee and linking the same back to performance and results. Such transition of sorts has seen a large number of organizations to leverage the HR software. 

Most organizations are unclear of the different benefits that they can expect through compensation management apps. For those organizations as such considering yet but not committed to this software, below is a guide that will offer a roadmap for the top benefits of this HR software


How does it work?

Most companies will change their compensation plans yearly. Depending on the organization’s size, to automate the process for making such constant changes will be time-consuming and difficult. The small companies typically can handle the compensation process manually or through a spreadsheet. In case of a large or a medium-sized company, sending spreadsheets to countless managers will be highly time-consuming besides being riddled with errors. This software is a highly automated method for a manager in allocating funds for a direct report. 

Generally, when the manager logs in they come across various pay programs including equity, stock, incentive, bonus, merit and more which may be related to the person he manages. This way the manager can allocate funds quickly to the direct reports while the changes will be saved to be reviewed by the HR. Depending on the organization’s complexity and size, the compensation management software will be a big plus both for the HR and the organization at large.

Top Benefits – A Sneak Peek 

Take a look at the key benefits of using compensation management software or Food label printing software:

  • Reduced Labor Costs- Both the use of compensation data and salary including external and internal for facilitating better planning along with higher targeted incentive programs will help a great deal to control the labor cost. A couple of case studies conducted by the SHRM have thrown light on how labor costs reduced significantly with the help of this software. It will also help to cut down the time which is used in the process of salary planning by about 70%. This software will allow for more effective use, faster and better use of information leverage.
  • Improved Talent Retention- This is sophisticated software that will work wonders in modifying the compensation packages for retaining top performers and attracting high potential applicants. 
  • Increased Employee Engagement- In the case of an employee survey, the most common areas of contention include reward and compensation. A key contributing factor of late to this contention is that now the employees have better access to salary information that is web-based and most importantly is better informed regarding how their salary fit in the local marketplace. Transparency in compensation policies and plans can result in better confidence and trust in employees who are genuinely valued by the employer and rewarded for their performances. In this regard, the software can be instrumental in offering employees access to the right information in a way that is cost effective and efficient.
  • Workforce’s Clear Picture- Through this software, a company will receive a clearer picture of the workforce as well as possess all the required information concerning the performance of the employee for making the perfect pay recommendations.

Top Compensation Management Software to Use 

This software is simple and straightforward to use, and its features too are easily understandable thereby making it a must-have management tool. This way the HR can obtain all information virtually of every employee as and when required rather than keeping manual files which can easily get lost. Take a look at some of the top compensation management software that an HR should use, 

  • Compport: Compport is the most promising & easy to use software for compensation and employee management processes that entail flexibility, agility, and efficiency. A single tool to manage all compensation plans. Design a compensation plan in 5 minutes with 90% efficiency & 10 minutes for managers to complete & submit. In brief, Compport is a one-stop solution to review salary and budget plans with the right resources in the right proportion.
  • UltiPro- This software is for augmenting the employee experience. Through this, companies can offer convenient onboarding and recruiting, process payroll with accuracy and speed, leverage advanced surveys as well as sentiment analysis, drive results that are people-focused and smarter with reporting and robust business intelligence and help in facilitating both ongoing employee learning as well as development. 
  • Oracle HCM Cloud- This software will take care of everything right from talent management, performance, and payroll.
  • Workday Compensation– It will help an organization in designing, implementing and managing end number of employees’ compensation plans along with supporting the different requirements found in any organization.
  • PeopleStreme Remuneration- This software will take care of everything right from performance outcomes to link employee remuneration for an improved discretionary effort. 
  • PeopleTicker- This software will offer labor rate information especially for salary and hourly employees in more than 160 countries using data like a service model that is accessible to clients through a subscription basis. It is provided to the end users like a standalone application and can easily integrate into various third-party apps which include mobile apps, vendor management, core human resource, compensation, and application tracking.
  • Curo- This software has been specially configured for specific business requirements to provide the rewards. 
  • FocalReview- This software will help one to manage their performance processes and compensation planning more effectively and efficiently. It will help them to tie their compensation practices to their business strategy directly. Besides, it will help to align the workforce rewards along with the performance of the employee. Through this software one can manage their bonus, salary and stock plans and on various timetables for various employee populations in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Anaplan- This software is purpose-built and has been made with intelligent, collaborative and dynamic planning. Fast-growing companies use this software for connecting the data and people needed for accelerated decisions and trusted plans vital to lead in the market today.
  • Incentive Compensation Management- This software along with helping one in managing the disbursement and payout calculation to a third-party agency, internal employees and DSAs will also enable them in resolving disputes for their partners on payouts. The partners will be capable of tracking their performance and remotely settle issues when required. 

So, which compensation management software are you planning to use? Choose wisely. 

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